Rita Verona

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Public Information

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 25

Actual Age: 208

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Long, straight, and blonde.

Eyes: Blue

Build: Curvy

Notable Traits: Tattoo of an Orchid over her left breast

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Nosferatu


Born in the early 19th Century, Rita was known for her work within the suffragette movement. She was a staunch supporter during her life before she was victim of a burning. She had been captured and burned alive for her beliefs and it was only the fast intervention of her sire that gave her back her life, albeit as a vampire of clan Nosferatu.

She had never quite gotten over the shock of her beauty and life being taken and as soon as was feasible, she left her sire and traveled the world. She was always looking for some distraction.

She found it in her coterie and her old cat Mister.



Ritatat.png 1810: Born to Susan and Robert Verona on July 17

Ritatat.png 1840: Joined the suffragettes

Ritatat.png 1845: Burned during a demonstration on December 3

Ritatat.png 1845: Turned that evening as she was in the hospital

Ritatat.png 1850-1974: Traveled along the US and Europe.

Ritatat.png 1974: Met Sadiq in Eygpt.

Ritatat.png 1986: Forms a Coterie with Sadiq and Ingolf.

Ritatat.png 2010: Found Mister outside an Elysium and adopted him.

Ritatat.png 2018: The Coterie hunts down a legendary weapon only to find it’s a centuries-torpored Kindred called Hlif on June 27th.

Ritatat.png 2018: The Coterie, now at four members, comes to Santo Domingo to see where fate will guide them.

Ritatat.png 2018: Her lover and dearest friend, Sadiq, is killed by hunters.


Ritatat.png No one has ever seen her true face.

Ritatat.png She was burned specifically so a her sire could poach her from a Ventrue who was looking to change her.

Ritatat.png Mister isn't really a cat. He is a fae creature that has chosen to live with Rita.

Ritatat.png Grows and cares for orchids in remembrance of all the women that fell in fighting for equality

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Ritatat.png "I once knew a woman who was tortured as she was. She did not survive her's. I see her strength in Rita." - Hlif

Ritatat.png "She plays to my fancies, she charmed my heart. My dear love has shown me the beauty of quiet, and shows me that sunlight is not the only light in life." - Sadiq

Ritatat.png "She is a kind soul, almost motherly in a way. She adores cats, and holds them in the highest regard, for her to call me a little kitten I consider to be quite the compliment." - Phoenix

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Friends and Allies

Ritatat.png Sadiq

Ritatat.png Hlif

Ritatat.png Ingolf

Ritatat.png Phoenix

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OOC Information

Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Virtual Staff

Location: Clearwater, Fl