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Name: Atticus Konrad

Deed Name: River of Sorrow

Rank: Adren

Title: Luminary of the Sept of the Shifting Sands


Tribe: Stargazer

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands

Pack: Wyld Nights

Description: Large Caucasian with dark hair and blue eyes. Wears a monk's robe and an old army jacket.

Battle Scars: Jagged scar across back from the claws of a fomori at the Siege of Shigalu Monastery

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1976: – Born in San Francisco, CA to Glasswalker kinfolk who worked in Chinatown.

1991: – Family moves to Beijing, China for business opportunities with a new company that is working on environmental impact studies.

1992: – Both parents are killed by agents of the Pentex corporation. River of Sorrow undergoes his first change on July 4th and kills the attackers.

1993: – Atticus Konrad is found on the outskirts of Beijing by his Stargazer teacher, Mountain Echoes, and taken to the Taoist Monastery of the White Clouds.

1996: – Completes training under his teacher’s tutelage and begins his Cliath Challenge to learn a secret from the spirit of the Yellow River. During his Challenge he becomes curious and attempts to find the source of the mighty Yellow River in the Umbra. He is found by his teacher three days later near the mouth of the river.

1998: – Completes Fostern challenge after an Umbral quest to Wolfhome.

1999: – Begins interacting with the Beast Courts in and around Beijing.

2002: – Studies with [Lieng Wei Sheng] at the Temple of the White Cloud.

2009: – Participates and earns the rank of Adren during the Siege of Shigalu. Meets a Bastet by the name of Shadow’s Smile for the first time. (VIP cost 8 points)

2014: – Departs Beijing to escort a Caern Seed in the company of Shadow’s Smile, Little Tiger, and No Mind. The group journies to an ancient Caern site near the merging of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. The planting of the seed attracts the spirit of the Columbia to its former Caern. River of Sorrow helps to found the Sept of the Shifting Sands, and assumes the role of Sept Leader.

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"He is a wise one, just like the few others I have met, more need to be like him and those others. Think how fast forward the whole of wolves could go. I suggest listening when he speaks." Priscilla Lamnidae
"His eyes match his name, hopefully only because of the colour." Annika
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  • John Lennon
  • Ip Man
  • Caine from Kung Fu

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River of Sorrow

Tribe: Stargazers
Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands
Pack: Wyld Nights
Domain: Tri-Cities, WA
Player: [Kermit]

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