Rivkah Buchler

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Rivkah Buchler

The Details

Name: Rivkah Buchler
Clan: Tremere
Society: Societatis Quaesitori (Tremere Only)
Rank: Apprentice of the Fifth Circle (Tremere Only)
House: Kincaid
Sect: Anarch Movement


Sire: Turmoil
Grand-sire/Former Domitor: Felix Winchester

Known to the Community

Comments / Quotes

  • "One so suited to following orders would be hard-pressed to find herself a better position. If she wanted to try, I could help." -- Lucy Giovanni
  • "Your place in the world is to serve. Do it well." -- Butler
  • "The life of a ghoul is never easy; anyone who thinks otherwise is either foolish, or got to cut in line. Still - Rivkah brings a lot to the table. I hope the Tremere respect that. Otherwise the census in the city might shift without them realizing it." - Simon Flint
  • "See, the thing about being so useful where you are is that the people in charge rarely want you to move..." -- Turmoil
  • "To say that Rivkah is instrumental is to understate her worth - to say she is irreplaceable is to overstate it." -- Liam Kincaid
  • "I mean, like, how fucking typical, have the woman do all the cleaning and fetching. They've even Stockholmed her into liking it." -- Karma
  • "Anything can be broken if you dig deep enough to their deepest desires." -- Payback
  • "Her versatility is her great strength. More knowledgeable than many elders and with the connections to rival them, she will one day make a formidable member of Clan Tremere." -- Felix Winchester
  • "She had a real Cinderella moment this wet and dreary August evening, I hear. It ain't midnight she has to worry about anymore, of course, or her cart turning into a pumpkin. But given how long she's worked for the Tremere, I'm sure she's already real familiar." -- Lillian Chandler
  • "I hear she ain't furniture anymore." -- Clint
  • "Just who's side do you think she's on?" -- Jonny Toxic
  • "Oh, Miss Rivkah was very nice. I think we'll certainly be going to her for any questions we have about magic in the future." -- Patience Benette
  • "אַ מענטש איז אַ מאָל שטאַרקער פֿון אײַזן און אַ מאָל שוואַכער פֿון אַ פֿליג." -- Levi Rabinowitz
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Inspiration & Influences

  • The Archive - Dresden Files
  • Rupert Giles - Buffy
  • Jenkins - The Librarians
  • Anastasia Luccio - The Dresden Files

Rivkah Buchler

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Anarch Movement
Domain: Chicago, IL
Player: Sarah Wright
VST: Mark H.