Road to Hell

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Gleaming Eye


Great Grandfather:
Cédric "Death on Swift Wings" Montblanc Elder, Ragabash, Silver Fang
William Montblanc Athro, Ahroun, Silver Fang/Black Spiral Dancer
Violet Edith Howard Unchanged Cub (Deceased)


Road To Hell Painted.jpg

Physical Appearance: A man of average height and stocky build, brown hair tending toward curling, and facial hair either trimmed in a trend or two out of date, or entirely unkempt. Road to Hell has two eyes, but one of them is milky white and blind, the other a grey so pale one might assume him to be blind entirely...were it not for the attentive, hard stares he levied at others around him. Hard lines mark the corners of his mouth and eyes...some might assume them to be crinkles from laughter and smiling, but those would not be anyone who had known Road to Hell very well.

Social Style: Publicly urbane and genial, though little of it manages to ever seem actually kind, or nice unless he is addressing a Kinfolk; Road to Hell is not known for kindness, and his teaching style tends toward the 'grumpy old man' or the 'stick' rather than the carrot. He speaks with an English accent, with bits of French appearing now and again.

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Death on Swift Wings and House Gleaming Eye)
  • Pack Leader of "Fog of War"
  • Wyld Affinity
  • One Eye
  • Elder of the Nation

The story of Gregoire Howard de Crevecœur, called Broken-Heart for nearly all of his existence and "The Road to Hell" or simply "Road to Hell" of late, begins with a tragedy. How the error was made has never been fully made clear, but a political mating of the Howard lineage of House Wyrmfoe and the de Bourbon lineage of House Gleaming Eye was arranged, and shortly after the marriage was sealed, his mother's womb quickened with his conception and two of the noble and proud lineages of the Silver Fang Tribe awaited the arrival of their newest scion.

When he came, born with talons and fangs from the womb of a woman who had never shifted but was destined to do so one day, shame was laid upon him and his parents instead.

His mother, Violet Howard, having died during the birthing of her only child was not made to live with the sting of it. His father, one William Alastair Montblanc deeded "Promise of Morning", was left with a broken heart and shattered dreams. He stared at his only son and could only think of himself and his losses, and so the child was named "Broken Heart". Later, as the child grew he was given a human sounding name to give others something to call him which seemed less cruel, though this seemed only to cause the child consternation.

"I need no comfort from what I am. I am called Broken-Heart. If it will make things easier for you, you may call me whatever you long as you teach me."

With his abbreviated childhood, Broken-Heart learned quickly all of the unkind truths that politeness would have varnished and attempted to cover and developed a reputation for rejecting them. He had no use for many things of the human world, including their names, their styles, or their ways. He steeped himself in the world of the Garou and sought to make himself the sharpest tool possible for service to the First Tribe, House Gleaming Eye, and the Nation. His Rite of Passage was harder than the other cubs in his generation, but he anticipated it and succeeded. When the time came to prove himself suitable to be recognized as Fostern, he once again persevered against a challenge worthy of most Adren of the Nation, and in doing so won the right to leave the Sept of his birth.

In doing so, he won his freedom and went forth to establish his own name, in Scotland. With his success, it seemed, his father's shame only deepened. It was not long after Broken-Heart left to make his own name that William Montblanc's broken heart took him so deep into darkness that he never returned.

Over the many years, Broken-Heart remained at his Sept, serving as he could and striving to prove himself. When the second of the great wars came, he found himself forced to learn the skills he had disdained for so many years; wars have no care of anyone's birth, station, or preferences. Still, faced with another challenge, Broken-Heart persevered and not only absorbed the skills but made himself so useful in infiltrating human organizations that he was finally named Adren after decades of service and many, many failed challenges.

The next great deed to his name was joining in the battle against the Zmei Trevero, finding his father, now deeded Silver-Sear, on the field with a force arrayed against them. During the conflict, Broken-Heart was permitted to engage in direct and covert actions against his father and the force gathered with the fallen Silver Fang. The fight was brutal, and in the worst of the conflict Broken-Heart lost his right eye to the silvered talons of his own father. In the end, the forces of the Wyrm were routed, but Silver-Sear successfully withdrew from the battle, frustrating Broken-Heart in his desire to redeem his name and his line.

When the Gnostic Plague came, the Caern which had so long served as the home of his Sept was destroyed. Freed of the burden of a Sept...Broken-Heart wanted but one final thing, and it was a thing he was willing to put the rest of his life on the line to complete. He found an Elder and together they decided that the destruction of Silver-Sear would be a worthy deed, but in his heart of hearts...Broken-Heart, who had never accepted another name in all his life, had other plans.

When Silver-Sear was found, he was defeated and captured. The rest of Broken-Heart's plans went into motion, and what *should* have been a challenging but straightforward journey into the Near Umbra consumed instead entire years of his life. When he returned, many years later, he bore a token of Charyss.

Silver-Sear had been given to the silver lake, and accepted by the Lady of Erebus to seek his redemption in the awful, soul-agony of her waters.

His Elder Challenge complete, he was deeded "The Road to Hell", and turned himself out into the wider world to seek out members of his mother's side of the family.


  • "He is, without a doubt, the most frustrating, bull-headed, sharp-tongued, noble, brilliant man I have ever met. I consider myself quite fortunate to have him at my side, you would do well to remember that before you speak ill of him in my presence." - Natasha Lynne Smith
  • "He has a human name, he refuses to use it, stubborn thing. We've known each other for as long as I have known Alistair Cross. We have shared secrets, and no, I will not violate his trust." - Maggie Jones
  • "This guy really needs to stop screaming "HAVE AT THEE!" Whenever he sees me. I mean if he hadn't taught me a whole bunch of stuff, I probably would've dumpstered him by now. Still, he looks out for Tasha, and I can't thank him enough for that." - Alexander Morningkill
  • " A man of many facets like the Gem he is. It is a privilege to call him cousin. " - Amelia Thunder
  • "His were the claws that felled Wall of Flesh, and it was an honor to fight beside him." - Spins Silver
  • "Something Something Something" - Someone


  • He's actually the Perfect Metis.
    • Or maybe the child of...
  • Can't exist without perfect control of everything around him.
  • Has killed in excess of 10 garou outside of challenge, he just hasn't been caught.
  • Personally killed both of his parents.
  • Has been to Erebus and returned, cleansed.
  • Is personally responsible for the downfall of House Austere Howl and their sovereign, Queen Mary Campbell.
  • Stared down Valka One-Eye...
    • And lost, badly.
  • He is actually descended from the Marquis de Sade. Everything else is a ruse. Where else would you think that accent of his comes from?
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