Roar Uthaug

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Roar Uthaug

  • Embrace date: 1980's
  • Generation: 9th Gen
  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Sire: unknown
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: East Central USA
  • ST Point of Contact: Local ST
  • Player Contact: Jason Herman
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Roar Uthaug3.jpg

General Information

  • Consul of the Black Hand
  • Pack: Valhalla At Ya
  • Path: Night
  • Faction: Status Quo

Titles and Accolades

  • Agent of the Black Hand
  • Former Templar
  • Former Ductus
  • Former Anarch (for like 4 months)

Past Locations

  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Washington, DC


Roar was born in Leipzig (then in East Germany) and grew up in the village of Wendisch-Rambow, the son of children's poet and journalist Roar took to expression at an early age. By the time he hit the states he started to play drums for Brooklyn-based experimental rock band Arc in 1986. His performances became chaotic and destructive and his fame was short lived. Known for using unauthorized pyro, sexual props and physical violent interaction with the crowd, few venues would sign him. He eventually broke from his band and started performing underground using homemade instruments and creating what could only be termed “noise” to accompany his vocals, which he sang from off stage. He disappeared in the early 90’s but rumors that copycat performances spring up from time to time intimating that it's the real Roar Uthaug. What really happened is one of his performances was interrupted by a Sabbat Shovel Party of which he survived. However his tenure in the Sabbat didn’t last long. Quickly embracing the Path of Night even the limited ‘rules’ of the Sabbat seemed too much for him. He eventually experimented with the Anarchs for four months but found them boring and lazy. He came back to the Sabbat tail between his legs. Once he realized no one cared he started kicking ass and taking names. Briefly being Templar to an Archbishop and the Ductus of his new pack, he then gained admittance to the Black Hand.

Roar Uthaug4.jpg


  • Used to be an Anarch
  • Actually a Son of Discord
  • Infernalist
  • Likely a Diablerist
  • Excommunicated by the Phoenix Society
  • Blood Hunted in the Camarilla
  • Despite being dead he still releases new material on the internet and performs at underground pop up concerts.


  • "What is the Black Hand feeding you?" Deliverance Dane, Archbishop of Ocean City, MD
  • "I never thought I would meet someone more irritating than myself, and then I met Roar." Valerie Evans
  • "Reveal much to hide more." Verkenner
  • "Christ, just...tell me where he is so I can prepare myself for him, he is tolerable with some prep time." Gabriel Thompson