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Roaring V8.png
"It's a joke. It's all a fucking joke " -- Eddie Blake

Notable Traits:

  • Dashing smile
  • Infectious Grin
  • Soft bushy tail
  • Indefatigable sense of humor
  • Might be a Nuwisha
  • Awful sense of humor


Once, long ago, there lived a coyote. This coyote, he loved cars, always whizzing past on the freeway in all their different colors. Sometimes he would try to chase them, but he never caught one. One day, after a long day of chasing cars, he looked up to the night sky and said, "If only I could be as large as the moon, surely I could catch those cars! But I am only a small coyote, and cannot hope to."

Coyote, in his infinite wisdom, was listening and appeared before the small, lonely coyote. He laughed and laughed, and said to the small coyote, "Child, you could not hope to catch those cars, they are much faster than the moon! Ten of them have come and gone, and the Moon has not moved an inch! No, to catch them, you need to be faster than the stars!"

Hearing this, the coyote wept. "Oh Coyote, is there any way I could hope to be faster than the stars? Surely you, with your wisdom, could think of a way to reach those speeds!"

At this Coyote laughed. "Yes, I do know a way. But you will need to race the Sun! Best hurry, if you hope to beat it to the secret cave!"

At once the coyote set off towards the East, where the secret of the stars lived. And Coyote watched and laughed, for he knew what the little coyote did not, that the Sun would come before long, and not even trying, would beat the coyote. But still, he could not help admire the speed with which the small, lonely coyote ran. Not once did he falter in his headlong dash towards the secret cave, even as the Sun began to show her face above the horizon.

Even though he knew he had been beaten, the small lonely coyote did not cry as he had the night before, and simply went to sleep. Coyote stopped laughing, and approached the small coyote. "Lonely coyote, why do you not lament? I thought your rage would be great, and your lamentations would fill a new oasis that I wanted to make."

The small lonely coyote cracked an eye and stared at Coyote. "Coyote, it's true I might have lost today, but I can't seem to find my Rage. I think the Moon, jewel of the night sky, has stolen it from me. If you want this lake so badly, I must beat the Sun to the cave, so I can Race the Moon to my Rage."

And Coyote laughed, for the small lonely coyote had already become faster than the cars, even though he did not know it.''

Lies & Rumors

feel free to add, the more outlandish the better

  • He's half coyote, half wolf
  • No, he's half dog, half coyote
  • Clearly that is a wolf, what are you talking about
  • He is Coyote, being punished by Luna
  • He singlehandedly held the line at the Sept of Forgotten Waters
  • He betrayed the Sept of Forgotten Waters, but everyone who knows about it died
  • He's the father of 1,000 Nuwisha, and countless more kinfolk
  • There is a kinfolk who is trying to domesticate him and his family


  • "You know, I think this is the dumbest thing I'm gonna do today. I'm gonna pick a fight with a Rokea."
  • "...So pull your heads out your holes and start working at working together. And if you can't do that, then for the light of Luna get the fuck out of the way."
  • "I'll fight anyone. I'll fight a baby. I'll die laughing."
  • "I've learned that people who push down on the kinfolk feel very little power elsewhere in their lives, so they relish this one option to be more important than someone." - Verity Apple Willow

OOC Information

Player: Austen Swearinger

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jeremy Cue

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Location: IA-001-D