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About the Money Maker

Name: Robert Davison Covington-Lockwood

Known Aliases: Bobby, Bobby CL


  • Acknowledged as member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla

Notable Traits

  • Full beard.

Bobby is a large, bearded guy in his early 50s with more grey hair than black. He usually dresses in business casual, but when necessary he can dress down to jeans and t-shirt or up to a Tuxedo (or even White Tie). Bobby is just too...nice. He's never quite developed the killer instinct the Clan of Kings is known for.

Time is Money

Known Timeline

  • 1994: Embraced
  • 2004: Released from Accounting
  • 2009: Assists with the Swiss Bank dilemma, and makes a good showing for himself in the ultimately failed effort.
  • 2011: Attends the Final Death of Hardestadt the Younger, is there to observe and learn.
  • 2017: Moves to Vancouver to protect International Commerce assets of the House.

Money Talks

Quotes from Bobby

  • "Oh wow, that sounds rough. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Quotes from Others

  • "Mr. Covington-Lockwood's reputation is well earned, and all our dealings have ended with mutual benefits. It is a pleasure to live close enough to another talented young King." - Ms. Kira Mantle
  • "We're really quite a pair, dancing around the hotspots on this frying pan on the edge of the world, aren't we? I'm glad to have such skilled help." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "You don't win at chess using a checkbook." - Thaddeus Moreau


  • Work in Progress
  • Feel free to add!

Player: Gregory Bullard
MES Number: US2013090015
Location: Vancouver, BC
This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Masquerade game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.
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Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Vancouver, BC
Player: Greg B.
VST: Vancouver VST