Robert Lancaster

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  • Date
  • 2010 - Has re-awoken.
  • 2018 - Lancaster enters Denver, seeking answers.
  • 2019 - He calls Court in January, who will answer his call?

Out of Character Information

Player: NPC
Storyteller: Raymond Bruels III Email
Original Wiki Designer: John R. Email

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Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Denver, Colorado
Titles & Positions:

  • Prince of Denver, Colorado


  • Aura of Command

Abiding Status

  • Prince: Authority, Commander, Sovereign
  • Elder: Confirmed, Established, Privileged

Fleeting Status

  • Gallant
  • Loyal
  • Courteous

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Coming soon - what is known.

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  • Lancaster called upon a great many kindred who owed him prestation.
  • Some have conjectured that the Courtesies he has installed in his Domain are merely for appearances.
  • Could it be true, Lancaster has aspirations beyond being a Prince. He is hungry for more.


  • "I have now forgiven you once. Let there not be a second." - Lancaster
  • "Elder Lancaster? I followed him to pay a debt. Nothing more." - Jameson Twist
  • "He needs to hire new staff, you know what I mean? The sort who won't make him look ignorant in front of his court." - Cricket Crumb
  • "He is a strong prince, which is exactly what Denver needs. I'm looking forward to watching him succeed." - Ellie Rothstein