Robert Matthew Smithson

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Robert Matthew Smithson

  • Robert Matthew Smithson

1610 - Born in Jamestown, VA after arrival of new settlers from England. Befriends local Indian boy Chauco and begins to learn Powhatan language.
1619 - Age 9, visited the plantation that received the first African slaves where the local shaman taught Robert how to contact spirits.
1622 - Hid with Chauco during Powhatan raid on Jamestown, then returned
1640 - Ghouled by Joziah Herzog and learns Polish from him
1727 - Embraced by Joziah
1728-1733 - Works in Tremere chantry
1745-1760 - Begins travelling with his House Lineage hunting Diablarists and Infernalist
1770 - He was approached by a brujah and told him of her dire vision as it pertained to him. He was polite but did not believe her. She knew the particulars so she set out to get him to make the right decision in spite of himself. She positioned herself to be there at his every turn again and again pointing out the particulars of her vision. He eventually was convinced and did as she suggested.
1773-1789 - Has a feud with Chimera until Chimera disappears
1775 - He is excellent at vetting those who have been accused of diablarie, some are cleared and others are killed.
1850 - Attends a show of Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind, at Castle Garden a converted fort on Manhattan Island with a fellow Tremere
1880 - Childer Gustav Nicholai Amaranth embraced in New York
1940 - Moved to OKC
1980 - After successfully escaping the city with the help of a close Gangrel friend, he went continuing his hunt for diablarists and infernalists.
1990 - Assisted in coupe of the city
1992-current - Occasionally goes Diablerist or Infernal hunting with Coetire or Benjamin Drake (Christopher Beck)
2010 - Assisted in stabilizing the city for the last 20 years.

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General Information

Robert Matthew Smithson is a well known Hunter of Infernalist and Diablarists
He is of House Abramczyk

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OOC Information

Player: Johnathon Johnson
Storyteller: Josh Jaques
Location: OK Oklahoma City, OK
Region: OOC Region / South Central‎