Rokea at Puerto Rico's Seed Planting

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The Tale of The Rokea Fight at Puerto Rico’s Shard Seed Planting

Rokea Fight.jpg

While the majority of the Garou present occupy themselves in the nearby Cavern to enact the Shard ritual,
the Rokea remain outside and on the coastline, patrolling for danger. Aquatic Wyrm spawn come from the
ocean's depths, intent on a surprise attack to those in the Cavern. The surprise is on them however when
they are greeted by a slew of Rokea.

Dredge, Blue shark Darkwater, is focused on the Oil Slick Bane as it tries to cover the water, cutting off
visibility and to pollute the water. Soon, he rips it apart spiritually.

A pair of nightmarish Octopi Fomori pull several of the Rokea below. This would be detrimental to most
land-walkers, but Gaia's firstborn have the upper hand. Whisper Eater, Hammerhead Dimwater, calms
the creatures, actually singing to them, stealing their Rage and the Rokea turn it into a feeding frenzy to
rip them apart limb by multiple limb. , is particularly vicious in his fight.
Swims the Shallows, Bluefin Darkwater, helps destroy the enemy.

Hideous fomori, more crab than man, try to take down Razortooth, Great White Brightwater, but like one
of the sharks in South African waters, he continues to breach the waters with the creature in is teeth.
He tosses it into the air and his mate, Kin, Priscilla impales it with a perfect shot from her spear gun before
Razortooth catches it again and brings it under.

Havelock, Hammerhead Brightwater, and Abyssal Lullaby, Great White Dimwater, face off against a Bane
that seems made of polluted Coral, it’s very touch cutting into the Rokea's thick skin. Havelock takes plenty
of damage before finally felling the fiend. Abyssal Lullaby heals her wounds.

When all's said and done, the Rokea have left the tides outside the Caern red with the blood of their enemy.

As Sung by Abyssal Lullaby of the Open Sea, Dimwater
Through Sending, great images of the mighty fight are shown to Rokea.

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