Roland Alexandros Carmichael

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Roland Alexandros Carmichael
Alias: R.A. Carmichael
Clan: Ventrue
Status: Elder, Prince of Omaha, NE
Fleeting Status:: Favored by Luminary Elder Gaius Aquillius.
Dignitas: Praiseworthy

Lineage: House Durandal
Childe of Servius Avitus Regulus
Childe of Lysander
Childe of Artemis Orthia
Childe of Ventrue

House: Durandal
Master of House Durandal

Notable Traits:
Elder of notable age.
Sponsor / Owner of "Coeur Erude", an art gallery in Omaha's Sports District.

Society: Social Nobility - Former Harpy of Lyon, France



OOC Information

Player: Grant Parsons Player Email: Storyteller: Matthew Powers Storyteller Email: Location: Omaha, NE