Roland Dinn

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Name: Roland Dinn
Deed Name: current: Burning Bush former: Cowboy Killer
Tribe: Nuwisha
Pack: Mudhole Stompers

Title or Position:

Master of Challenge - Wayward Caern

"Roland is funny as shit and dodges like a champ. He does some fancy woo-woo crap that makes it easier for me to hit bad guys, and I always like hitting bad guys. If you wanna dick over the Wyrm and laugh your ass off, this is the guy you want backing you up." - Kneecap

"We fought our way to the gates of Erubus together. He was beside me as we quested for a Caern seed in Brazil. I am glad to call him friend." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

"Add your thoughts here" - Your Name


  • He learned everything he knows of humans from Netflix and the Internet.
  • Roland has declared himself the High King of either the Garou Nation or Great Britain. He seems unsure which it is, but he's started knighting folks just in case.
  • Roland is the greatest of the High Kings.




Roland Dinn

Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Sudiptya Banerjee
VST: Andy
Location:Houston, TX