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Authority, Commander, Celebrated as Doyen of the Independent Alliance
Honourable by word of Saul Rothstein

"Let them hate me so long as they fear me." -Caligula

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Tall, broad, snappily dressed save for the tie, Romano Giovanni is the spitting image of an up-and-comer young American Giovanni. He wears his short black hair slicked back, has bright green eyes, and is never seen not wearing a suit; he favours blue pinstripe above all. If only it wasn't for the fact he was a Premascine, clearly pale and corpselike, he would be savagely attractive as well - and many people remember him as such from before his embrace. With a somewhat predatory grin and a host of social connections, he's the man you can look to for results. He's a bit loud, sometimes raucous, with a Chicago accent and sharp wit, a 20s-style gangster transplanted into the modern era - never backs down from a fight.

Some say he overperforms make up for his appearance; he tends to talk twice as loud and fast as anyone else in the room, rising naturally to the role of a leader. Regardless of the reasoning, it serves the Family's interests damn well, and if he's been able to prove anything repeatedly throughout the decades despite the naysayers, it's that he knows what he's goddamn doing.

A lawyer by trade, he's a skilled negotiator and salesman, always willing to work for the right price.

Notable Traits:

  • Eerily Presence: Acid Green Eyes
  • Corpse-like pallor and twisted appearance
  • Always wears questionable, ugly ties

1891: Born in Rosemont, Illinois, in the Chicago area, to wealthy parents. He spends his earliest years in the lap of luxury.
1892: His first sister, Marina Giovanni, is born.
1893: His brother, Marcus Giovanni, is born.
1894: His second sister Bianca Sofia Angelina Giovanni is born.
1907: Marina dies suddenly under unknown circumstances.
1909: Romano meets Killian Dunsirn, and it's hate at first sight.
1911: Began studying undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. His focus was on a dual degree in Political Science and Law, like any good young man of the time should focus on.
1913: Romano’s first child, by his sister Bianca Sofia Angelina Giovanni, Cato Giovanni is born. This enters a new era of responsibility for him, and he’s proud to have one more notch towards family responsibility and reward for his work under his belt.
1914: Submitted to the proxy kiss under his older cousin Raphael Augustanare Giovanni di Calderari. He falls head over heels for the older man, drinking in every bit of knowledge he had to offer about necromancy, death, souls, and everything there is to learn about the traditions of the Giovanni.
1915: Graduated from the University of Chicago with excellent grades, two degrees, high praise, and many offers for graduate school. He began studying law at the law school in the same university in the fall. 1918: Graduated from law school with a Juris Doctor degree.
1919: Romano passes his bar exam and gets his shiny new prestigious job at a popular Chicago law firm. Romano and Killian get in a fight at the April 4th festivities of this year, and Romano's embrace is delayed further. Killian receives it first.
1921: He opens his first law firm.
1923: Just when it seems like he'll never earn the embrace, Romano is suddenly murdered in a suspected mob hit in Chicago related to his underworld dealings - not wanting to lose a promising Giovanni ghoul to a bout of mundane violence, Romano is given an emergency Embrace.
1924: Realizing his childe had mutated upon embrace, Romano's sire hides him away for the better part of a year. His sire is later found, killed, and Romano is sent to Venice.
1925: Returns from Venice, and slowly begins to work for the Family once again.
1930: Mahalia Dunsirn comes under Romano for her Proxy Kiss.
1955: Loaned influences to help the Giovanni establish themselves in Freeport, Bahamas, and other various offshore areas of the United States like Haiti, Cuba, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.
1970: Moved to the Bahamas.
2008: Romano stands with several other Giovanni, Setites, and Anarchs against the massive assault of Nassau by the Sabbat. He and his son, Cato Giovanni, protect the family’s assets with fervor and rage. Romano particularly targets the Harbingers of Skulls, and makes as many of them pay as he can.
2009: The financial crisis hits. Many of the Giovanni investments and holdings tank, including Romano’s. He plays a key role in helping the Family stay afloat financially.
2011: Romano solidifies cooperation and territory negotiations with the Setites of Freeport.
2013: Became Doyen of the Bahamas.
2018: Murdered by the Unblinded Brotherhood in Freeport.



  • "I served Signor Romano for 10 years. It was almost akin to my time in the Marines: very little room for error. He was hard but fair" - Jean Pierre Dunsirn
  • "Romano is my cousin. One of the few who saw my experiments and my laboratory first hand; and the only one who wanted to return for subsequent...lessons" - Raphael Augustanare Giovanni di Calderari
  • "Romano is a stand-up fellow, and his legal advice is second to none. I still don't understand why his interactions with the rest of my family usually devolve into brawls." - Calum Dunsirn
  • "A skilled diplomat, and one charming bastard. I look forward to, ah... working with him. In the future." - Lucy
  • "I was Romano's first proxy. It was a learning experience... for both of us." - Kamdyn Dunsirn
  • "I'd say I don't know what crawled up his ass and bit him, but that'd be a lie." - Killian Dunsirn
  • "Can't even stand up to a ghoul.. Hmph." - Sofia Giovanni
  • "Romano's is one face I will never forget, even if I had wished it once or twice." - Anthony Milliner-Ellison
  • "Doyen Romano is a character of dignity and honorable traits, I offer him my respect and admiration. I hope to remain his ally. " - Chimera
  • “One must always strive to be more than what we are. Because once thrown into the world, one is responsible for everything one does.” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "Your Quote." - You!


  • Romano has the ear of several Giovanni Elders.
  • He must have some special talent to have lasted this long.
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OOC Information

Player: Ron Osypiuk - US2016040801

Location: MES Virtual Independent Alliance

Romano Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Bahamas
Player: Ron Osypiuk
VST: Virtual VST