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I ain't got time to bleed.
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  • Responsible for the death of his own family. - Unconfirmed Report
  • Slew a spider host in single combat, which left his body scarred. - Spirits
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  • "Ni-zu tag?" - Romulus
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  • Beast Skull Trophy - On his home world Romulus hunted a creature that was mammalian in nature but possessed the cunning of something far more sapient. He still doesn't know what the name of the species was, but managing to claim it earned him one of his first trophies. It also earned him his first scar, on his side there is a massive mark where the creature's bear like claws tore into him.
  • Cyborg's Skull Trophy - After becoming a mercenary member of the union one of his first jobs was to hunt down a plugged out synth who'd became a terrorist of some sort in based in the verge. After finding what planet the synth resided on, he eventually chased down the synth and tore his spine and skull free of the rest of the body. The plug-ins still attached weren't removed and light sometimes still shines as if perhaps somewhere in the Synth's skull a little life remains.
  • Bounty's Skull - a Ghoul of a vampire had turned traitor and sold out his master and half a dozen other vampires out to a group that sought to wipe them out and during the ensuing battle most of the vampires were destroyed, one was staked and taken by the ghoul to ensure he would stay a ghoul but with the freedom of no master, and another surviving ghoul desiring revenge for their lost master placed a bounty. Romulus tracked down the ghoul and tore his head free from his body and removed the stake from the vampire, freeing them, and letting them go on their way while he collected the bounty by turning in the body and showing the head to the mercenaries office as proof.
  • Apelike Skull - On a rather cold mountain on a world that he can't really recall the location of he was stranded. For four years he dwelled there, collecting skulls and bones making primitive weapons for survival, and hunting in the material and hissil. His strongest opponent was that of a strong powerful four armed apelike creature that ran in a troupe of about two dozen. While he studied the Alpha of the troupe he learned others desired to be Alpha and he desired the trophy. And he waited until there was a challenge before using it as a distraction to use one of his last stun grenades, tied to an arrow, to fire it into the troupe and send them scattering leaving the Alpha, the Challenger, and himself to do battle. The challenger turned tail when Romulus engaged in Dalu form, the Alpha fought to the bitter in, scarring Romulus's right shoulder with a deep bite but Romulus did claim the skull of the creature.
  • Feline Skull - Hunt Story