Rosemary Macht

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Rosemary Macht

Ex Blood Accord Ambassador of Los Angeles to the High Desert

Sire: Nicodemus Vane | Grandsire: Josiah Cotton |
Great Grandsire: Seamus Montague
“Please do not mistake my softness for weakness. I have not survived this long based on luck alone.”


Rosemary is small, with a round face, wide eyes, and often with a big smile on her face. Having spent most of her time after her embrace in libraries rather than among people, her attempts at social niceties can sometimes come across as plastic affectations, and shes often seen at her most genuine when around her collection of pets.

When around people lately, shes shakier, often fussy and unable to look people in the eye. Shes passionate about her beliefs and the hope that people can, genuinely, be better, but her beliefs in righting past wrongs is passionate enough to incite her to anger.

Notable Traits:

  • White eyes
  • Somewhat visible Sabbat mark seemingly carved into her forehead.

Known to Tremere:

  • Ex A7 and Member of Societatis Bellator

Pack: Shadow Symphony



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Rosemary Macht
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Sabbat
Player: Kya Harris

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Head of House Montague
Seamus Montague

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Nicodemus Vane

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Longmire (Deceased)
Rosemary Macht

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