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Rosemary Macht

Archbishop of the Diocese of Blood and Wine

Ex Blood Accord Ambassador of Los Angeles to the High Desert
Member of the Ultra Conservatives

Sire: Nicodemus Vane | Grandsire: Josiah Cotton |
Great Grandsire: Seamus Montague
“Please do not mistake my softness for weakness. I have not survived this long based on luck alone.”


Rosemary is small, with a round face, wide eyes, and often with a big smile on her face. Having spent most of her time after her embrace in libraries rather than among people, her attempts at social niceties can sometimes come across as plastic affectations, and shes often seen at her most genuine when around her collection of pets.

When around people lately, shes shakier, often fussy and unable to look people in the eye. Shes passionate about her beliefs and the hope that people can, genuinely, be better, but her beliefs in righting past wrongs is passionate enough to incite her to anger.

Notable Traits:

  • White eyes
  • Somewhat visible Sabbat mark seemingly carved into her forehead.

Known to Tremere:

  • Ex A7 and Member of Societatis Bellator

Pack: Shadow Symphony


1977: Born in Chicago, Illinois
1995: Disappeared from the public eye amidst heavy research into the occult. Began her period of time as a ghoul under Aaron Whitechapel, only out and about when used as a ghoul under Possession.
1999: Embraced by Nicodemus Vane. Begins period of Accounting.
2006: Accounting ends, still not seen in the public eye.
2018: Begins to socialize outside of the Pyramid. Applies and works to become a Blood Accord Ambassador to the Sabbat.

July 2019: Attends Synod in Phoenix, Arizona. Is seen partaking in the Vaulderie with then-Archbishop Serafino, Priscus Sasha Vykos, and Priscus Adonai. Disappears for 3 nights. On night one, a video automatically uploads to Camarilla sources, a clean announcement of defection and a plea for the Camarilla to save itself before its Elders destroy it.
August 2019: [Tremere only] Rosemary fails to appear at Tribunal and is declared Rogue.
November 2019: After proving herself in various battles and due to her work in Enoch, becomes True Sabbat.
February 2020: Challenges Archbishop of San Diego William Alexander to Monomacy for his position. Wins. Is challenged to Monomacy by two other individuals on the basis that they will not allow a Tremere to become an Archbishop, wins both of those Monomacies as well.


  • "I've never met a Tremere I've actually liked, until I met Rosemary, talk about guts! I can't wait until she massacres a Harry Potter convention because they're portraying magic wrong." - Mordechai
  • "I couldn't be more proud of how high she's soared and how far she's come. I anticipate great things from her - more than what she's already achieved." - Serafino Morreti
  • "No. That won't do, Sister. If you are not free to speak your truth, you are not free. Let it out." - Vincent Night
  • "YEEEEEEET!" - Fierar Seară
  • "Add a quote here." - PC Name


  • Rosemary Macht is actually on a Tremere Rumspringa.


Rosemary Macht
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Sabbat
Player: Kya Harris

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