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Rosewater and her beloved nachos

Rosewater is a trickster spy who specializes in getting things and people to where they need to be. She is a friendly and helpful Corax who laughs at everyone and seems to follow no rules.

She's mostly found in southern California and visit's San Diego's Sept of New Dawns with regularity. But she doesn't really live anywhere and is essentially from wherever she was last.

Favorite things in this life: nachos, questions, and having thumbs
Pronouns: She/Her
Playlist: YouTube Playlist (because Corax do what they want)

Breed & Rank

Breed: Corvid Rank: Adren Deed Name: Swoops McShooty-Pants



Rosewater has a knack for just seeming to belong wherever she is and does an excellent human impression, but it's all a trickster's disguise.

The Nation

Sept: None

Pack: None (though she's been invited to join two different Garou packs - a thing that both pleases and confuses her)

Rite of Accordance: No. Rosewater is a free bird, an ally of the Nation but not part of it.

Contacting Rosewater

By Phone
She makes sure people she's worked with have her cell phone number, even if they are a no-phones person (so they have it to give others). So if you're PC has met her in game, or we've established our characters have a background connection, it's reasonable to assume you have her number (so feel free to email or message me that you're calling/texting her).

Known hang outs
She's known to hang out with the Uktena cousins Javier and Hector Acosta when she's in San Diego and can often be found at Javier's antique shop.

Bawn postings won't likely reach Rosewater unless she just visited ((i.e. they're posted a day or two after game)).

Rosewater is otherwise intentionally difficult to find and doesn't really live anywhere.

Known Allies, Associates & Mischief Buddies

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  • Javiar Acosta - Uktena Theurge
  • Inge Hansen - Get of Fenris kinfolk
  • Hector Acosta - Uktena Ragabash
  • Ways-to-the-Common-Destination - Silent Strider Theurge

Rumors & Quotes

Things said by and about Rosewater of the Corax.

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  • Does NOT want to hold your mammal young
  • Rosewater's scarf is actually a fetish that makes nachos and was won in a poker game with a spirit of plenty
  • She likes to shoot people's eyes out and doesn't like to eat eyeballs
  • She's from an alternate Earth


By Rosewater

  • "Oooo, I LOVE questions"
  • "Hello, interesting person. We haven't met. Rosewater of the Corax. Do you do the human hand-grabby greeting?"
  • "Birds don't do capitalism"

About Rosewater

  • " Rosewater is an essential ingredient in Baklava and Turkish Delight, both of which I love. So, I guess it can go without saying that I am fond of this Corax. I also have no intention of eating her." - Alex Drake


Rosewater is a pragmatic trickster spy. Blasé and quick to laugh, her typical reaction to everything is calm amusement and logic. She's generally friendly and only too happy to help but, like all Raven's children, can be contrary and independent. She's also a bit of an instigator.

Being a Rational and practical bird, though, doesn't stop her from taking calculated risks and, being a bit of a Daredevil, she's good at getting away with them. On the flip side, she's fine declaring herself an omen of doom in order to talk someone out of something they want to do that she feels is inadvisable.

Favorite Things

Rosewater's three favorite things in this life are: Nachos, Questions, and Having Thumbs

As much as Rosewater loves asking (and answering) questions, she most often tends to lurk quietly at the edges and listen, believing you learn more with an open mind and a closed mouth.

An Old Bird

Being about as old as a raven gets, Rosewater tends to view everyone as young and often addresses Garou and other Fera a 'Kiddos' regardless of their actual age or Rank. She also takes a sort of general, grandmotherly interest in their safety and development (though after the fashion of someone who's parenting experience is kicking her children out of trees).

She's always extended the idea of 'Protect the Egg' to apply to ALL Shifter young.

Is fond of telling people who express concern for her safety that she'll be fine because old birds aren't allowed to die, that it's a Rule and the only one she follows.


Rosewater in Corvid & Homid forms

Rosewater spends a lot of time in Homid form but switches between her native Corvid form and her Homid form frequently.

Homid form
Looks to be in her late 30s. Eye makeup is heavy black eyeliner and glittery blue eye shadow - the ratio varies on her mood. Her long hair is usually tied back and is dyed a dark purple that matches her toe and nail polish. Rosewater dresses all in black; rose-patterned lace coat, Jurassic Park t-shirt featuring the “Life Finds a Way” quote and t-rex skull, crop pants, belt and leather sandals.

She wears a very long, dark blue scarf wrapped loosely around her neck and tied to hang over her left shoulder and down her back - it's made of a fabric that looks kind of like a high class feather boa with little fringe tassels like feathers at each end. (This is a Fetish named The Magpie's Nest)

Corvid form
In her natural form Rosewater is a large raven (3' long, 5 pounds). Nothing distinctive or unusual, but a keen eyed observer might notice a dark blue string wrapped around her neck and tucked up under her feathers so it's not very noticeable (The Magpie's Nest is present and visible in all her forms).

Harpyia form
Rosewater wears no cloths in Harpyia except for her long blue scarf (The Magpie's Nest). The parts of her torso without feathers are covered in fine scars.


  • 1993 — Hatched/born to a family flock in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (the Ocean Beach side of the Park).
  • 1995 — 'Hatched' in the Corax sense (i.e. had First Change) at 2 years old. As a human she looked about 16.
    • Became a fan of metal music after seeing local band Testament perform in Golden Gate Park. As a Fledge she was the picture of a 90s teen metalhead; Testament band tee over long sleeved dark gray shirt, wallet chain (wallet just had cool rocks and shiny trinkets), torn black jeans, Doc Martin boots, long hair dyed blue.
  • 1996 — Became a Cliath
    • Earned the deed name Swoops MacShooty-Pants from a Bone Gnawer Elder impressed with her unique method of attacking a formori.
    • Got captured and tortured helping some Garou investigate something, later getting one of the Ahroun to teach her Resist Pain
  • 1998 — Became Fostern (her challenge was to guide a group of questing Garou - she had the Merit 'True North' back then)
  • 1999 — Hooked up with a hot raven stud and had a brood or two in the Laguna Mountains. As soon as they were fledged she returned to her regular Corax duties.
  • 2000s — Helps hide kinfolk and cubs.
  • 2002 — Became an Adren. Her challenge was to lead a party to The Abyss and back.
  • 2003 — Her fetish, The Magpies Nest, created by Askuwheteau (an Uktena Elder Theurge and friend of her Mamma, Magda Rends-The-Wrath).
  • 2006 — Disappeared into an umbral storm during a mission in the San Diego area*.
  • 2019
    • May — Escapes the Umbral storm she was trapped in for the last 13 Earth years thanks to a young Corax cub named Ahlinn, who was exploring the Umbra and happened on the shred of storm Rosewater was still stuck in and came up with a way to help her escape. Now Blase as anything, but no longer able to navigate 'True North'.
    • July — Among the party that rescued the caern of Dessert Bloom from The Digger, where she and four others spoke to the ancient wraith.
    • October — Participated in the attack on the Hive Of The Murdered Future in Des Moines (which avenged the death of Unicorn).
 *Chronicle Timeline-wise, Rosewater was hatched & Changed before the appearance of the Red Star. She was lost in an Umbral Storm about the time Storm Eater started infiltrating moon bridges and the Weaver started calcifying the Gauntlet - Before the creation of the Concordant of Stars and the Dark Brigade.


Player: Chriss Cornish US2002034913 (Pronouns: She/Her)
VST: Daniel T Goode
Location: San Diego, CA