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Rosewater in Corvid & Homid forms
Breed: Corvid Rank: Adren Deed Name: Swoops McShooty-Pants

Range: Mostly California's southern half, though on occasion she gets up north to the Bay Area and to the surrounding states.


The Nation

Sept: None (though often seen at New Dawn in San Diego) Pack: None Rite of Accordance: No. Rosewater is a free bird, an ally of the Nation but not part of it.

Known Allies

Rumors and Quotes

  • Lorem ipsum sit amet dolor, pellentesque habitant morbi.
  • "Deserunt in fugiat" - Nachos bacon ipsum


Rosewater is a pragmatic trickster spy. Blasé and quick to laugh, her typical reaction to everything is calm amusement. She's generally friendly and only too happy to help but, like all Raven's children, can be contrary and independent.

Favorite things in this life: nachos, having thumbs, and questions.

As much as she loves questions, however, Rosewater tends to lurk quietly at the edges and listen, believing you learn more with an open mind and a closed mouth. And she will typically ask for permission before asking questions of a personal nature.

She's also prone to acts of benevolent mischief, being the child of a trickster god and all. No matter how ridiculous the joke seems, though, there's always a point to it (even if only one or two people notice what she's truly up to). And others are always welcome in her mischief - She's been called an instigator, which she won't really deny.

Rosewater's about as old as a raven gets and tends to view everyone as young, regardless of actual age, and generally takes an elder's interest in their safety and development (though after the fashion of someone who's parenting experience is kicking her children out of trees).


Homid form Rosewater looks to be in her 30s. She wears glittery blue eye shadow and dresses all in black; rose-patterned lace coat, Jurassic Park t-shirt featuring the “Life Finds a Way” quote and t-rex skull, crop pants, belt and leather sandals. Her long hair is dyed an almost black purple that matches her toenail polish.

She wears a very long, dark blue scarf wrapped and tied to hang over her left shoulder and down her back - it's made of a fabric that looks kind of like a high class feather boa with little fringe tassels like feathers at each end.

Corvid form In her natural form she is a large raven. Nothing distinctive or unusual, but a keen eyed observer might notice a dark blue string wrapped around her neck and tucked up under her feathers so it's not very noticeable.


  • 1993 — Hatched to a family flock living in the Ocean Beach edge of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.
  • 1996 — Became a Cliath, earning the deed name Swoops MacShooty-Pants from a Bone Gnawer Elder impressed with her unique method of attacking a formori.
  • 1999 — Hooked up with a hot raven stud and had a brood or two in the Laguna Mountains. As soon as they were fledged she returned to her regular Corax duties.
  • Early 2000s — During the Apocalypse War she carried messages and helped hide children and kinfolk.
    • 2002 — Became an Adren.
    • 2003 — Her fetish, The Magpies Nest, created by Askuwheteau (an Uktena Elder Theurge and friend of her Mother's).
    • 2006 — Disappeared into an umbral storm during a mission in the San Diego area*.
  • 2019
    • May — Escapes the Umbral storm she was trapped in for the last 13 Earth years thanks to a young Corax cub named Ahlinn, who was exploring the Umbra and happened on the shred of storm Rosewater was still stuck in and came up with a way to help her escape.
    • July — Among the party that rescued the caern of Dessert Bloom from The Digger, where she and four others spoke to the ancient wraith.
 *Chronicle Timeline-wise, Rosewater was hatched & Changed before the appearance of the Red Star. She was lost in an Umbral Storm about the time Storm Eater started infiltrating moon bridges and the Weaver started calcifying the Gauntlet - Before the creation of the Concordant of Stars and the Dark Brigade.


Player: Chriss Cornish US2002034913
VST: Daniel T Goode
Location: San Diego, CA