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Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Elder Rowan Byrd

Lineage: House Byrd Byrd Family Tree

Sire: Alexander Byrd

Aliases: White bird, Dove


Notable Traits

  • Freckles
  • Genuine
  • Stuck in a book most of the time
  • Often wears white/cream colors
  • Strong heartbeat/pulse


Rowan possesses a mind of natural wonder and enthusiasm. Always a distant expression wandering without rule or guidance, filled with heart wild and free beneath a calm exterior. A smaller creature, a hardly a hand above five feet, relatively untamed brown tresses with a hint of red and gold under close inspection with a generous spread of freckles. Prone to fleeting moments of extroversion and vivaciousness but thrives mostly in small intimate meetings with friends. Thought perhaps to be un beholden to any intimacy or love and an entirely inadequate target for romancing. Her clothing is contrast to most kindred, comfortable and bright, mostly in earth or white tones with accents of shell or more natural jewelry. Polite to any and all save for the sabbat, she is easily lured into conversations on literature.


BACKGROUND: Born the solstice of 1600 Rowan and Rhiannon began life as cunning folk/folk healers. She and her sister have always lived as modest witches and are childer of Alexander Pembridge Byrd. Rowan being the elder twin always looks after her sister. In the 1680s they moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts Bay Colony and avoided suspicion and accusations of witchcraft by any means they had. Upon their success the twins are fully released in 1694. They took their first and only sleep 1775-1783 because they refused to denounce the King of England and were looked after by a Gargoyle and a Gangrel, both still friends of theirs. Many things happen through their lives and Rhi makes her first childer, prompting Rowan to travel in 1884 New York to see the first roller coaster (6mph) and gets sucked into a travel agency to see Cairo. She returns in the words of her sister "with a body count and a childer" Rowan Jr, a fine gentleman and swordsman. 1884-1900 Life moves at regular pace, she has RJ as cover to divert interest from lovers she has zero interest in and she covers for his preferences in public. He is a well groomed kindred and she releases him before the fifty year mark. 1939-1945 WW2 Begins and Rowan grows victory gardens and encourages the women's empowerment ideals that align with Ishtar. There are many gaps in that story for a reason, it is just what is easily gathered. Her family and line are important to her but her faith is also key. Her continued worship of Ishtar is a focus of her life.

Titles and status







  • Is actually Rhiannon Byrd.
  • Is actually a triplet not a twin.
  • Isn't actually related to Rhiannon Byrd by any means.
  • In years past, was responsible in one part of the world for as many deaths as typhoid - but each was much gentler & all went peacefully and without regret.
  • Is actually a methuselah in hiding.
  • Set her sister up with a neonate as a distraction.
  • Is really in love with said neonate but doesn't think she's good enough for him.
  • Is a member of The Foundation.
  • Your rumor here


  • "I trust few, which speaks volumes of her character." -Roman
  • "When the world floods and one finds himself adrift upon the vastness of the ocean, it is the dove that shows him to safety. Only then will he truly know peace." -Övé Háskell
  • "We shall have that dance; even if it takes eternity." -Christian Gerard Marceau
  • "A curious creature, ever lured by the beautiful, and dangerous. Though she understands the value of freedom, and as such, may yet survive us all." -Dar Adan
  • "Il est important de comprendre que, bien qu'elle ne soit pas alignée avec la camarilla, elle est un aîné. Respectez-la et apprenez d'elle." -Emile Bouchard
  • "She is the most gentle dove. Her touch brings peace to my heart and a smile to my face. She is protected." -Apocryphus
  • "I wish the circumstances of our meeting had been less...unpleasant. That said, I find Rowan Byrd to have been well-spoken. a courteous host, and more accepting of a guest of my clan and sect than I might have expected. . I feel more conversation with the Elder would have been.. revelatory, and regret I will not have the opportunity." -Stefan Hoffman
  • "Nobody makes my sister cry but me." -Rhiannon Byrd
  • "Miss Rowan is Irreverent, flirtatious and promiscuous in her associations. I still like her better than her sister." -Reverend Gideon Haven
  • "It is not essential that I like my clients. In this case it happens to be true. Rowan has a mind which shares my most prized obsession." - Maciek Albescu
  • "I'm not sure if Rowan is a savior or an enabler when it comes to her sister, but she is a manifestation of the grace, poise, and beauty we all wish we had." - Zach Staley
  • "Have you ever seen a structure on fire? Watch how it affects mortals, and that would be a good analogy for the Byrd Sisters. Rhiannon is akin to the flames, alluring in its way and likely to burn if near it. Her sister Rowan? She has more kinship to the smoke, harder to notice while in the middle of the fire itself, quiet, but far more likely to kill you in the end." -Carden d'Vergobret
  • "...And at the end of the day our feet were always dirty, our hair messy, and our eyes sparkling." -Rhiannon Byrd
  • "The only gift for words I bear is for those purely academic. I must say, then, that Fitzgerald embodied her best when he wrote "[y]ou are the finest, loveliest, tenderest and most beautiful person I have ever known--and even that is an understatement."." -Thomas Marrow
  • "Such a truly delightful person. No, no snark behind that. She's just good people." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "White lace, black cats, candles, dusty tombs, the moon and the stars. I would not be the first to dream what eternity could be if things were different." -Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "Don't trust someone who appears innocent." -Lola
  • "Quite the woman of elegance and grace. I always enjoy meeting others of our Blood and she is certainly no exception. Her very presence brightens a room." -Jozef Prinz
  • "Quote." -Name

Out of Character Information


  • It's A Beautiful Day - "White Bird"
  • Offspring - "Self Esteem"

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Player Info

Player: Danielle O.

Location: Seattle

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Unaligned
City: Seattle
Player: Danielle O.
Storyteller: Seattle Masquerade ST