Roxanne "Roxie" Wiliams

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Commonly Known Information:

Name: Roxanne Wiliams

Nickname: Roxie

Notable Traits: Sexy, feminine fashion sense. Piercing blue eyes. Short, curly black hair.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador

Lineage: The Family Scott

Sire: Elliot Irving-Myers


Roxanne Lucy Wiliams was born in New Orleans on October 24th, 1924. Her mother ran a brothel, and put Roxie to work in it at the age of sixteen. At seventeen, Roxie heard a rumor that the US Army was accepting women for use as spies. Seeing her chance, she enlisted. She was stationed in Occupied France and Germany for the majority of World War II, and returned to the US in 1947, to join the newly-created CIA. Soon after, she was granted leave and returned to New Orleans, where she met Elliot Irving-Myers, who Embraced her on April 30, 1951. The two had a major falling out in the early 2000s, though nobody knows what happened between Roxie and her sire. Since then, Roxie has been traveling the US, continuing her education and beginning her writing career. These days she runs a writing blog on Tumblr, and plays chess online for fun. Hearing some of the intriguing things going on in the town of Alexandria, Louisiana, Roxie has decided to move there and settle down.

Sample Work:

~"Blood On A Rose"~

Ruby red drops,

Like crystals do they shine.

Fall from the thorns

And pool on verdant leaves.

When too heavy, it flows

Down the leaves in a little river

To stain the white, silky petals

Of the rose below.

Each salty, crimson drop

Spilled from a lady's hand

As she tries to pick some roses

For her dinner table.

Her dainty had radiates pain

As it is shredded by unforgiving thorns.

Pain, as ever, the price for beauty.

(OOC Note: This poem has "Absent Sway- Pain" for anyone who reads this IC)


Style Inspirations: Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Peggy Carter


-"Oh, Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison

-"Roxie (The Name on Everybody's Lips)" Chicago the Musical

-"All That Jazz" Chicago the Musical

-"Roxanne" The Police.

-"Lady Marmalade" Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and Lil Kim


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OOC Information:

Player: Leah Savage

Player Email:

Storyteller: Casey Turner

Storyteller Email:

Location: Alexandria, LA