Ruairidh Macrae

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Little, white lies (Commonly Known Information)

Who are you this time? (Name): Ruairidh Macrae AKA Rory Macree AKA Basil Forthill AKA Jimjish McTavish

Appearances can be deceiving (Notable Traits): Dark red hair, self-sure smile, and a fondness for purple.

Keep your friends close... (Coterie): None

...And your enemies closer (Sect): Unaligned

The Long Con (Biography)

Originally from Scotland, Ruairidh traveled widely throughout central Europe, grifting, thieving, and charming women in order to get close enough to them to steal their valuables or, more often, simply coast along on their wealth. One such potential victim revealed herself to be a Kindred of clan Ravnos who was charmed not by his romantic approach, but by his resourcefulness and skill, for which she gave Ruairidh the Embrace, and the two set about lying and thieving, running elaborate deceptions across Europe in order to get the things they wanted.

Several hundred years later, yet another victim of one of these charades was discovered to be more than she seemed at first glance. A woman Ruairidh had seduced, upon learning she had been duped, revealed herself to be a witch, and cursed him with misfortune and solitude. This resulted in a fire several nights later, which destroyed their haven and in which Ruairidh's sire met her Final Death. Afterwards, Ruairidh wandered central Europe despondent over the cloud of misfortune that hung over him, eventually deciding to abandon the memories and remains of his existence in Europe and start anew in the American colonies.

Ruairidh wound up in Northwest Georgia looking to make his way as a miner during the gold rush. He amassed respectable wealth before settling in Cassville, where he withdrew from Kindred society for a time emerging only long enough to maintain his few connections, until he vanished completely in 1999 with the appearance of the Red Star. He would not reappear until 2011, after the Sabbat were driven from Northwest Georgia, when he was found in his home, staked, by the newly emerging Anarch presence in the area, who released him. Thinking this quite the stroke of luck, he believed that his isolation had broken the curse, and he re-entered Kindred society once more, electing to remain in the domain he'd called home for centuries, amongst the Anarchs that now claimed it.

Every good lie has a kernel of truth (Rumors)

  • Rory is bigoted against Magic users, calling Mages, hedge wizards, and Tremere alike, "Filthy Witches"
  • Rory is actually a Lasombra.
  • Rory lived underground for 100 years... literally underground. In the ground.
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OOC Information

Player: Wes H.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Josh G.

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Location: Cartersvilla, GA