Ruby Phoenix

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Ruby Phoenix
Free Council





Littleflame.pngGender: Female
Littleflame.pngAge: 29
Littleflame.pngHeight: 5' 3"
Littleflame.pngHair: Long Wavy Blonde Hair Died bright firetruck red.
Littleflame.pngEyes: Blue
Littleflame.pngBuild: Curvy

Born the 8th of August 1988, Ruby and her twin brother were nothing but trouble from the beginning. The twins grew up in Auckland to a delightful normal couple. On their birthday in 2008, Ruby saw the towers and awakened to her magic. Since then her baking has always been on point and she seems just to know when to have the cookies in the oven for unexpected visitors. She is a baker at the House of Cups

She has a punk aesthetic and loves the punk music of the 1970s and 1980s, but the new stuff isn't so awful in her opinion. She's usually good for a laugh and will usually flirt with whoever is in front of her.

Littleflame.png All of her baked goods contain spells.
Littleflame.png She wants to control the godmachine.
Littleflame.png She's a bit mad.
Littleflame.png Feel free to add your own.
Littleflame.png "Utter nutjob. But she's awesome, and she understands my viewpoint, even if she doesn't agree with it all that much." - Malzmei
Littleflame.png "Fun, friendly and flirtatious. She's an amazing friend that you can count on to be there with a plate of cookies if you need an ear." - MD
Littleflame.png Feel free to add you own.
Littleflame.png Malzmei
Littleflame.png Amoret
Littleflame.png Everlight
Littleflame.png MD


Ruby's Playlist

Littleflame.png Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones Littleflame.png Because the Night - Patti Smith Littleflame.png Dear God - XTCLittleflame.png Hateful - The ClashLittleflame.png Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedy Littleflame.png I Heard It Through the Grapevine - The Slits Littleflame.png Jimmy Jazz - The Clash Littleflame.png London's Burning - The Clash Littleflame.png Night in my Veins - The Pretenders Littleflame.png Opening Up - Cast of The Waitress Littleflame.png Senses Working Overtime - XTC Littleflame.png A Soft Place to Land - Cast of The Waitress Littleflame.png Spellbound - Souxsie and the Banshees Littleflame.png Train in Vain - The Clash Littleflame.png Typical Girls - The Slits Littleflame.png What Baking Can Do - Cast of The Waitress Littleflame.png What's Inside - Cast of the Waitress Littleflame.png Who Knew - P!nk Littleflame.png


Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Virtual Staff

Location: Clearwater, Fl