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Currently Wassailed

Character Information

Name: Rumor aka Ragnvaldr Runar
Clan: Nosferatu
Born: May 11th, 1721 small field in the wilderness near Baton Rouge
Embraced: October 30th, 1744
Generation: 9th
Lineage: None at the moment
Notable interests: Rumor enjoys Scandinavian myths and folklore.
Noticeable traits: Rumor covers his mangled visage. Most of his face has countless fissures and festering wounds that score his entire body.


Information Known by Kindred Society

Information Known to those with Sabbat Lore: Rumor has been a fixture of the backwoods of East Baton Rouge parish. He was responsible for eating many outlying members of the Camarilla that have caused issues for the Sect before the Blood Accords. He is brutally effective in removing roadblocks the Sect has. Most of his time is spent in the Bayous of South Louisiana and away from humanity.

General Timeline

  • October 30th, 1744: Caught by his sire running away to the city of Baton Rouge. The dogs mauled him to death and he was embraced as punishment left to die in misery, pain, and torment as the transformation changed him into a misshapen discarded creature.
  • August 6th, 1862: Inducted into the Black Hand as a Cadet
  • 1862-1865: Uses the chaos of the war to find outliers in the Camarilla in the city.
  • 1900: The turn of the century leads to skirmishes with Camarilla gangrel trying to invade Rumor’s roaming grounds and he works with some war packs to decimate the invaders.
  • 2006: Rumor participates in the Sabbat crusade but retreats back to his territory as the week of Broken Mask passes


  • ??? - Sire



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  • Rumor enjoys sharing his hunting scraps with his reptilian friends
  • After Warwick's betrayal, Rumor actively takes missions involving his traitorous brethren


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OOC Information


Player: Justin Merrell

MES Number: US2002022248

Storyteller: Ian Gibson

Storyteller Email:

Location: Baton Rouge, LA