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The Basics

  • Name: Rusty. Buzz. BJ. Francis. Thaddius. Thomas. Regi.
  • Deed Name: Games the System (I'm trying get Rocks the Wyrm, too. We'll see how it goes.)
  • Notable Traits: Beanie. Worn jacket. Otherwise, fairly non-descript and 'normal' looking. Plain.
  • Society: Concordat of Stars

The Pack: Cold War


The Circle: Contacts/Friends/Tribal Family

It's a close-knit circle. If you feel yourself a strand, loop yourself.

  • "Boops the Wyrm" - With as much time as the cat seems to follow him, bugging him incessantly about well... all sorts of things that make him uncomfortable, you'd think he'd know better. But here she is. One of those "friends."
  • Obviously... we need to work on this. Or don't.



  • 1983 - Rusty is born. He has an early childhood.
  • 1987 - Buzz becomes part of the "system." He is put into foster care and raised by many different families. He is a problem child, of sorts.
  • 1998 - BJ manages to graduate high school and because of his unfortunate family circumstances is awarded enough federal money to attend college in Chicago, IL. He works at a restaurant and does errands and odd side work for the owner to help make ends meet.
  • 2001 - Francis helps Iakov and Vaciliy with moderately legitimate papers of citizenship. One of those errands or side jobs for his employer.
  • 2002 - Rusty meets Nizhoni. He has bullets inside of him that he needs out and she needs the practice. It's a working relationship and he spreads the word in his circles that she is reliable for those sorts of things.
  • 2003 - While he tried to apply himself, Thaddius drops out of college to work for his employer more full time with more serious jobs.
  • 2012 - Thomas introduces Nizhoni to Vasiliy and Iakov again. There were lots of tranquilizers involved.
  • 2013 - Regi is Bitten. It's a fun trip.
  • 2014 - Cold War (pack) was formed. It's a family. Of sorts.
  • 2017 - Along with the rest of his pack, Rusty has shown up to put a Sept together and is named Master of the Challenge. No caern yet, but it's being worked on.


(Feel free to add some.)

  • Rusty has mulitple personalities, each with their own name.
  • BJ spent a portion of time traveling the world to learn cooking techniques from culinary masters.
  • Thadius has never shifted in public. Can he?
  • Buzz is extremely allergic to cats.
  *"Is that why he won't do sex with
  • After a recent, particularly traumatic Slap Dance Feast (right?), Boops and Rusty left together. There's a first time for everything?


(Do that thing you do, the way you do.)

  • "So... the difference between 'some' and 'a lot...'"
  • "I need alcohol."