Rusty Chases-the-Blues

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: ​Rusty Chases-the-Blues

Auspice: Ragabash (Waxing)

Tribe: Bone Gnawers (The Hood)

Pack: TBD

Society: ​Concordat of Stars

Sept: Sept of the White Fields


​Born as a Lupus in the Appalachian Mountain range, Rusty was separated from his birth pack and found by a wandering Kinfolk musician. he has wandered for a long time, getting into mischief in some places, providing a last minute blessing in others. as often as not, he winds up near the campfire to listen to the Galliards try to outdo each other in the Tales of the the People or reminding someone that they need to laugh every once in a while, no matter how grim things seem. he seems to have settled over the past few years in Massachusetts, haunting the city of Springfield with his wanderings.


Rusty's Lupus form is a cinnamon brown color, despite the scraggly patches of fur that decidedly could use a fair amount of grooming. he certainly passes for a wolf-canine hybrid of questionable lineage, perhaps this is why he has a service animal tag on his weird looking collar. in Homid form, which isn't often, Rusty is usually an unshaven mess. he tends to go around barefoot...sandals at the most, wearing durable, but rustic clothing that managed to fit somehow. in nearly every form, save Crinos, he tends to have a tennis ball at hand.





  • I Don't Speak Human, Omnia [[1]]
  • Ya Gotta Stop Kickin My Dog Aroun, Skillet Lickers [[2]]
  • Stray, Wolf's Rain Anime [[3]]

OOC Information

Player: ​Dez​

Player Email: ​

Storyteller: Joshua C Smith

Storyteller Email:

Location: ​Amherst, Massachusetts