Ryan Avildson

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“Endorphins are the only drug I need."

Personal Information

Full Name: Ryan Avildson
Date of Birth: Some time in the 1970s
Embrace: Sometime in the 1990s
Apparent Age: Twenties
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Loyalist
Position: Priscus (Formerly, Vicar of the Loyalists)
City: San Marcos, TX


Description of Ryan Avildson
Until he smiles, one would consider him just shy of handsome, with a nose crooked from being broken by one too many boxing gloves to the face. Then he flashes a grin that made him famous as Smilin Ryan, and it's entirely new territory. His thick-lashed, bright green eyes are typically accentuated with black eyeliner and his expression is generally one of lazy indolence which quickly sparks to anger whenever anyone speaks badly of his pack. Light brown hair is kept closely cropped and is often mussed as if he's not taken the time to comb it.


A fitness fanatic, he loves to spend time at the boxing gym he owns, training new clients, and honing his own skills.

Allies and Enemies

Known History

The only information known about Ryan was he was in Bangladesh when 'the event' happened; he's a skilled boxer and fiercely loyal to the people he cares about. He remains on humanity even in the Sabbat, often quoting that he "thanks those on paths for being the first to die for his safety when the Hunters come."

Pieces of Life

1999 - in Bangladesh
2000 - Moves to San Marcos

Bangladesh.gif Ryanbloodhands.gif

Rumors, Truths, and Lies

  • Is actually a Malkavian
  • His sire and he were lovers, and she thinks he's dead.
  • Ryan is looked at with mistrust by the Black Hand for his close ties to the Tremere and their connection to the Camarilla.
  • A Tremere Prince met with the Sabbat recently and asked questions about Ryan. Nobody knows why yet, or if anybody even cared to answer.
  • Rumor


  • "What like do you like want me to like say about him? When I like saw him in like the ring, I like knew I had to like have him. He like promised me we would like be together for like ever. He like told me like he would like never leave me. Then like Vox made him a liar." - Karma
  • "Of all the warriors I've known, he's the one I'm most afraid of. How do you fight a man who feels he has nothing left to lose?" - Dorian Alvarez
  • "He's surprisingly considerate; Dorian explained my silence and since then Ryan has been asking me to teach him sign language. He is a good packmate, and I consider him a friend. " - Calla LaRue
  • "When a member of the Sword speaks poorly of the Loyalists--the oldest of our numbered Factions--I cannot help but think of Ryan. He does far more than he is given credit for and receives no praise. And yet he continues as he always has, doing what is best for the Sword, for the Diocese, and for his Pack. Those who complain about Ryan and his kin are often far lesser Cainites, and I pity them." - Zână
  • "When one feels most alone do they begin to find out who they truly are...I am intrigued to see what foundation Ryan stands upon." - Vox
  • "I am not into gym bunnies, but he has two things in his favor. 1. He is a Loyalist 2. He understands what being a Loyalist ACTUALLY means." - Augustus St. Cloud, Ductus of Glamour, Loyalist
  • "Seriously, mom, look at his butt. It's like...perfect. He's pretty, and has a nice butt. I'm doomed." Velia Zanatosa
  • "Okay. He DOES have a nice butt." Emilia Odobleja
  • "Placeholder? Don't ask me. I'm just here to watch out for my cousins while they check out his butt. I, myself, have no opinions on his butt." - Katona
  • "He acts all nice but get to know him and he's scarier than a bear made of chainsaws!" - Trashfire
  • "Once they loosen up the Blood Accord restrictions, you bet that ass I'll be hitting up spin class. This boy's got me fixin to come back to the single least welcoming cluster of vampires ever did walk the face of this earth." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "He's not anything like I imagined. My imagination just doesn't have that kind of optimism. He's a better Cainite than any I've met, and I hope to be considered his friend." Valerie Evans
  • "He embodies the very definition of what Loyalists are about, which is also the reason I left them for more... *effective* company." The Basilisk
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This is a national NPC under the control of the NST's office. For contact with Ryan, please email the ST Point of Contact: AANST Sabbat

Original Player: Daniel
Original VST: San Marcos-Austin Sabbat VST