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=== Commonly Known Information ===

Name: Ryuichi

Notable Traits: Ex-Marine

Type: Werewolf

Character Type Subgroup: Rahu, Hunters in Darkness

Union: Mercenary

=== Biography ===

Not much is known about this former Marine. he never speaks about his past.

=== Rumors ===

  • He's obsessed with Weapons... really obsessed
  • He has taken some under the table jobs
  • He doesn't know who Father wolf is
  • He has an extensive collection of Power Armor

=== Quotes ===

  • "I have found this Mercenary easy to work with and he is very proficient, I would recommend his services to anyone"- Romana Kerensky
  • "You might not like how he does it but he gets the job done."-Maxwell Powers

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Norman Pascua

Player Email: Nrpascua@gmail.com

Storyteller: Nat Calvert

Storyteller Email: al.020.dspace@gmail.com

Location: AL-020-D