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SRPOINT.png Name: Sable Reynard, Solicitor
SRPOINT.png Notable Traits: Steady gaze that seems to peer into your very soul. Striking Looks (2) makes her attention that much more visible. She has a hunter's focus in legal proceedings and is renowned for her talent as a solicitor.
SRPOINT.png Seeming: Darkling
SRPOINT.png Kith: Notary
SRPOINT.png Court: Autumn
SRPOINT.png Location: Wellington, NZ

SRPOINT.png Born February 29, 1980, Sable had an uneventful childhood until after she qualified as a Solicitor in New Zealand in June of 2009. She worked for a well respected firm for several years after her internship and soon after some brilliant negotiations, was taken into the Hedge to attend to her Keeper's affairs.
SRPOINT.png She was a useful tool. She had the shape of a fox and was worn about the neck of her Keeper to act as a contractor for them at their whim. It is why she is a black fox. Black goes with everything, don't you know. That lurid red/orange of regular foxes clashes.
SRPOINT.png Years passed as the Fae lands changed her, making her into the person she is today. She escaped from her involuntary servitude after nearly 20 years in captivity in June of 2011. She found her fetch a mediocre replica and quickly dispatched her claiming her old place back. She has very little memory of the weeks following the Icarus Event.
SRPOINT.png Sable threw herself into her work as a transactional attorney and made a name for herself as a quick witted and cunning negotiator. She became increasingly paranoid as the lack of her fellows was felt, until finally this last year, other changelings began to appear again.

SRPOINT.png Actually holds all the documents and conditions for every contract made on the planet. Yes, even the ones you agree to with Apple products.
SRPOINT.png Holds tight to reality because insanity is not what a reasonably prudent person would do.
SRPOINT.png Has a massive comic collection that is there only to remind her the world wants heroes.
SRPOINT.png #SassyFox
SRPOINT.png Is a foxy asSASSin.
SRPOINT.png Loves being petted.
SRPOINT.png Rumor here.

SRPOINT.png Why doesn't she notice meeeee? - Cap.
SRPOINT.png "She's scary. A predator. But she's not mean, rather she uses it to make a point and actually shows that she cares. It's probably weird, but I like it." - Kunit
SRPOINT.png "A fox she might be but this woman's intellect and focus is to be admired. I could definitely learn something from her." - Cora
SRPOINT.png "She talks when necessary. Be that to deliver needed information, or to deliver a witty quip. I find it a rare quality these days. She has promise." - Vincent
SRPOINT.png "She talked to me...YAY!!!!!!! Pleeeaaase fix it" - Cap.
SRPOINT.png Quote here.

SRPOINT.png Kunit Motleymate
SRPOINT.png Cap Motleymate
SRPOINT.png Rose Motleymate
SRPOINT.png Cora Motleymate


Sable's Playlist

SRPOINT.png Lawyers, Guns and Money - Warren Zevon SRPOINT.png Samba Around the Clock - Brothers of Brazil SRPOINT.png You Learn - Alanis Morissette SRPOINT.png Dirty Girl - Imani Coppola SRPOINT.png Take the Money and Run Away to Rio - Brothers of Brazil SRPOINT.png The Perfect Space - The Avett Brothers SRPOINT.png Faint - Linkin Park SRPOINT.png Oh! - Eric Hutchinson SRPOINT.png Moments of Pleasure - Kate Bush SRPOINT.png Slight Figure of Speech - The Avett Brothers SRPOINT.png Alive - Imani Coppola SRPOINT.png








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Story Teller: Virtual Staff

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