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Character Details


Name: Sadiq Nagi

Notable Traits: Obvious Predator, Arabic tattoos on his face and the rest of his visible body, a singular Norse rune tattooed on the back of his neck.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: (S)Assamite

City: Santo Domingo, DR


Gender: Male

Apparent Age: 20

Actual Age: 70

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Mid length, red, curly, with a single dreadlock draped over his shoulder.

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Strong

Tattoos: The Norse Rune on the back of his neck is a combination of Kenaz for finding secrets, Eihwaz the Rune of Hunting, and Uruz for strength to go forward until the prey is found. The rest of the tattoos across his body are excerpts from teaches he had grown up with, each piece is a lesson learned, or a foe defeated. He will tell any who ask that is is only when one is covered by tattoos as widely as he is, that they may call themselves Medjai.


1948 - Sadiq is born in Faiyum, Egypt, the son of two full-blood Medjai.

1968 - Sadiq is Embraced in Faiyum by Fidda Chatti, a Medjai thought to have been killed several decades ago. Sadiq’s death is faked, similar to how Fidda’s was.

1974 - Sadiq is released from his Accounting after slaying a Mage.

1986 - Forms a Coterie with Rita and Ingolf.

27th June 2018 - The Coterie hunts down a legendary weapon only to find it’s a centuries-torpored Kindred called Hlif.

2018 - The Coterie, now at four members, comes to Santo Domingo to see where fate will guide them.

2018, September - Sadiq meets his end at the hands of a group of Hunters in Santo Domingo, though managed to take some of them down with him.

Public Information


Acknowledged (Neonate).


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  • "Sadiq, I don't know what I would do without you, my love. You saved my voice and soften my heart to life again." - Rita
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Friends, allies, and others

  • Ingolf Freyrsson
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  • Rhapsody of Fire - Rain of a Thousand Flames
  • Bloodywood - Ari Ari
  • Aviators - No One Will Save You
  • Semblant - What Lies Ahead
  • Slipknot - The Negative One
  • Wolfsheim - For You I'm Bleeding
  • Jessica Jean - Calling All The Monsters
  • Puddles Pity Party - Hallelujah
  • Hans Zimmer - Ave Maria
  • Mozart - Requiem (Introitus)
  • Drowning Pool - Bodies
  • Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
  • Alice Cooper - Poison
  • French Stewart - Life Has Been Good To Me
  • Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
  • Mushroomhead - Kill Tomorrow
  • Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time
  • Disturbed - Sound of Silence

OOC Information

Player: Sam S. (aka Drakka)

Story Teller: None - Character deceased

Coordinator: Hilary Sklar

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).