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"I was never truly alive until I died. Now I serve a greater cause in flesh I craft."

Commonly Known Information

Name: Sage

Pro-noun: They

Notable Traits: Wears red robes and possesses a large Scorpion-like tail

Society: Inquisition

Clan: Tzimisce


Art by Jennifer Brazas
Sage in Horrid Form

Embraced roughly 4 decades ago, the cainitr known as Sage took to their new life quickly, abandoning humanity and taking up the faith with unusual fervor. Little is known regarding their previous kine life for they have completely abandoned it in favor of focusing on their chrysalis. They recently joined the Inquisition after having been under the tutelage of Harper Kingsley.


  • Finds humanity disgusting
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Sage doesn't like me, and in a sense I respect that. While they are a mystery to me in... Almost every sense, I look to learn more. What I know about them is that they are faithful and competent... And able to put aside the dislike of me and my work to save what is precious. That means they can call me whatever they like to, as long as when it comes down to it... They will stand with me to fight the wicked. If they ask, I'll do it. Unless it's to shut up and then they can kiss my ass." - Valerie Evans
  • "They're the only Inquisitor left that I'm truly afraid of. Sage's zealotry and passion rivals the Grand Inquisitor's, and that's really something you should be concerned about." - Dorian Alvarez

OOC Information

Player: George Williams

Player Email:

Storyteller: Grymm

Storyteller Email: <

Location: Ocean City, MD