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Quick Facts:

Birth Name: Fiona Jean Morales, Deed Name: SageSight
Pronouns: She/Her
Rank: Fostern, Auspice: Philodox
Breed: Metis, Tribe: Child of Gaia
Pack: Virgiles Urbani


Eye Color: Hazel/Green, Hair: Brown, Curly
Complexion: Olive toned, Height: 5'4"
Age: 21, Apparent Age: 19


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Pack: Virgiles Urbani



Friends, foes, family, lovers, allies or enemies welcome!


Characters From Movies/TV/Cartoon:

  • Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter
  • Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
  • Ivar the Boneless - Vikings TV show

Music Tracks:

OOC Information

Player: Taran Lopez
MES Number: US2010066225
Domain: NY-004-D
Storyteller Email: NYC VST
Coordinator: Ilan N.
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Other PCs:

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Observant and very curious, SageSight tends to watch more than talk, though once you catch her interest she will happily play the extrovert. She's a nerd at heart, an avid reader who delights in finding new subjects to learn about and the opportunity to test that knowledge as well as share it with others. Unlike many Garou she get's on well with Humans, passing for one (and often Homid) very convincingly, despite her apparent Metis flaw, and finds their culture, mannerisms and technology to be fascinating. While a gifted gunslinger, to her Pack she is known first as a caregiver as well as a calm voice of reason, always looking to balance and working towards the greater good. She has a strong affinity for the Weaver, and hopes to ultimately aid in bringing balance to the Triat and peace to her people.

SageSight will often be found in homid form, favoring the use of her hands and walking on two legs than within her wolf form where her mobility issues are more pronounced. Though among her packmates she is known to frequent Lupus and even her natural Crinos form. While not the biggest fan of human clothing she understands the necessity of them, and chooses to dress for comfort rather than fashion, favoring yoga or flowing bali pants and loosely fitting shirts with her curly hair free, or held back by a bandana.

As Fiona Morales she is a recent graduate of NYU, majoring in child psychology, and currently working as a paralegal for Ned Ryerson. She lives with the other members of her pack, the Viliges Urbani in a brownstone located in Park Slope Brooklyn, a territory they keep well secure.

FionaMiniHeader Timeline.png
  • May 6th 1997 - Fiona Morales is born in New Jersey to Garou parents, Angel "SwiftHunt" Morales and Maura "LaughingClaw" Desmond. Maura did not survive the birth.
  • May 7th 1997- Fearing for Fiona's life at the hands of her mother's Fianna family once news of Maura's death had reached them, Fiona was taken by her father to live with his kin within the Children of Gaia located on several acres of untouched forest on Staten Island. He is tasked by the Truthcatcher, Hollis "Hollow-point Teeth" Faraday * with seeing to Fiona’s care as penance for breaking the Litany. To help support the needs of a Crinos pup, he takes jobs as a longshoreman, away working the docks during the week and coming home to Fiona on weekends.
  • May 15th 2005 - Fiona finally has her first change (into homid form).
  • July 2005 - Her father enlists the aid of Sorrow's Heart to aid in teaching Fiona to control her Rage.
  • September 2007 - Fiona begins homeschooling, tutored by family members and hired teachers. She is given her first computer (a special gift from her father) and discovers the internet. She begins searching for more information about Garou culture and legends.
  • September 2010 - At the age of thirteen, Angel presents Fiona with a video. She watches it in private and meets her mother, Maura, for the first time. Whatever was said on the video Fiona keeps to herself, hiding away the video afterward, but after that day she is changed, no longer turning from her Fianna heritage but actively looking into it.
  • July 2013 - Having received and disbelieved the news of Sorrow's Heart's crimes and judgement, Fiona insists on accompanying her father in search of their lost friend. Finding him broken and dejected in the care of two friends, they request to stay, helping him to heal both physically and emotionally, and to pick up the pieces of his life.
  • September 2015 - Fiona begins attending NYU, leaving Staten Island on her own for the first time, beginning a track in psychology.
  • April 2016 - Fiona joins the pack Virgiles Urbani, headed by Hollowpoint Teeth, the Truthcatcher who decided her father's penance 19 year before. It is her first real move in her life, leaving her childhood home to an apartment building in Crown Heights. It's a life changing moment.
  • June 2016 - Fiona begins taking an elective art class at Pratt University, in Brooklyn. In her travels around the area she happens upon a very skittish and wary Leon whom she befriends over time.
  • August 2016 - Fiona’s first Rank challenge: talk down a distressed Leon and coax him into the car so the pack can, uh. Figure out what’s goin’ on there. She earns Cliath rank, and the deedname “SageSight”.
  • February 2017 - SageSight has her second Rank Challenge (tbd), earning Fostern Rank.

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  • "SageSight"? I guess "Hollow-point Teeth's Desperation To Prove Metis Can Be Useful And He Made The Right Call In Letting Her and Her Family Live And Wasn't Just Being A Coward" was too long a deed name, huh?
  • A powerful Philodox already at such a young age - definitely one to watch.
  • A Fianna bastard, now that she's a member of the Sept she's dl searching out that side of her family.
  • She's got more blood on her hands than just her mother's
  • Your Rumor Here


  • "I'm honored to have her in my pack, and more so honored that she wants to learn from me." - Hollis Faraday
  • "She saved me." - QuietFoot
  • "When I am angry, SageSight reminds me to be calm. When I am impatient, SageSight reminds me to slow down. I can only hope that I can do half as much for her as she does for me." - StrongTalk
  • "Your Quote Here" - Your Name Here