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Commonly Known


Name: Saharat

Known Monikers: The Alchemist, The Khmer

Notable Traits and Features: Always dressed in black, blue, and bronze. Always wears gloves and carries a strand of mala beads in their left hand. Distinctly of SE Asian descent and difficult to discern gender. Near zealous sense of loyalty to the Tremere and their house.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Class: Luminary Elder

Position: Lord of the Southeast (Tremere only).

Abiding Status: Prominent, Confirmed, Established, Privileged.

Fleeting Status: Loyal, Courteous, Honorable, Acclaimed.

Lineage: House Saharat

Known History


Often referred to as "The Khmer" due to their supposed origins within the Great Khmer Empire, little is known about Saharat outside of devout loyalty to their House, Clan, and to the Tower.

To those the Khmer deal with, they are cold and logical. Civil to a fault, even when in disagreement, only showing a semblance of anger should their loyalty and Clan be insulted or put into question. Many call them aloof and detached, and others privileged to spend time with them remark on how they obsess on seemingly pointless details which later reveal great insights.

Unlike the typical Tremere reputation, they are for the most part willing to listen to reason and adjust accordingly, even though they still maintain an air of arrogance that Clan Tremere is known for. They are never quick to act, they only stir when information confirms insight, but once they decide to strike it is with overwhelming force.

Saharat has been active for centuries, remaining close to the primary Tremere strongholds across Europe until 1850 when they came to America, where they focused on strengthening the influences of their Clan and reinforcing the Tower's presence in smaller cities.

While Saharat has been seen publicly for most of their existence, in 1496 they disappeared, never seen or heard from even by members of their lineage. When they returned to Kindred Society after nearly two centuries they refused to explain to any outside of their Clan as to what happened, or why. This has caused a great deal of speculation, ranging from this disappearance having been at the hands of Gargoyles, Assamites, or for some reason of their own design that they refuse to divulge.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Know throughout the clan as "The Alchemist" for their knowledge in Alchemy, Saharat is a zealot and extremist when it comes to the doctrines of the Tremere and they have expended every effort to ensure this fanaticism is instilled within their entire lineage.

In the depths of their chantry, whenever a whisper of treachery amongst the ranks of the Pyramid is heard that is not quite worth the attention of an Astor,Saharat's judgement is executed swiftly, all in the name of the strength and stability of the Pyramid.

In times where the rumors are not simply heresay, the Alchemist sends their House to hunt down the ones who've betrayed the Tremere with a merciless precision which they say has been felt for for centuries.

The Alchemist is cold, methodical and patient. Loyal first and always to the wisdom and glory of House and Clan Tremere, just as they expect the same from anyone within the Pyramid.

In recent years it has been discovered that not only was Saharat present for the ritual to destroy Goratrix and the Antitribu, but they were called upon to participate in the ritual itself; the Alchemist eager to have a hand in the destruction of the greatest traitor to House and Clan.


  • "So many kindred revel in fear and paranoia. I've heard tales about the terror at the Khmer's glare. But such is the words of children, mistaking intensity and passion for rage. I can stare for hours into their eyes--they recite verse to me. Just last evening, they whispered: "How you must have suffered getting accustomed to me, my savage, solitary soul, my name that sends them all running." I could not see my own face, but I imagine if eyes could be breathless..." Rumi
  • "I will delight in the day when they discover what happened to poor Ilyana."- The Fiend of a Thousand Faces
  • When one decides to cross my... dear old friend, one should keep in mind that Saharat has survived this long for a reason... And one would do best to ensure that I do not hear of it." - Desmond Aldred
  • "Pay less attention to what people say, and more attention to what people do. Their actions will show you the truth." - Mila Rurik
  • "You think I cannot survive without the Khmer? Even in assuming that, you miss the point. I can survive. I do not *want* to." - Pascoal
  • "My sire and I are alike in more ways than just our loyalty to Clan Tremere. To not realize that is to make a fatal error in judgement." - Meliora
  • "Saharat embraced me on an order, and we had no choice in the matter; and yet, were I given the choice, I would choose Saharat over all others." - Meliora
  • "I always pity the fool that crosses them, or thinks they will not be found. Saharat is talented, and efficient. Never underestimate that." - Seamus Montague
  • "Don't ever stop being perfect Saharat. I'm afraid I might grow bored otherwise." - Tsisia Orbeli
  • "Elder Saharat showed a young Malkavian that the Tremere, though powerful, need not be blindingly feared. They have the good and the bad, like every Clan. I will be forever grateful to Elder Saharat for that valuable lesson." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Saharat's mind is a beautiful and terrible thing. They expect perfection and nothing less. Fail the Alchemist, and you will find yourself in a very creative situation." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Decisive, ruthless, and loyal to Clan above all. There are few others in Clan Tremere that you should fear more than Saharat." - Liam Kincaid
  • "I do so enjoy my talks with the Khmer, The subtle moments. The soft glances, and a long time to sit and enjoy. I hate that I don't get to enjoy them that much, but I love stitching them into their clothing." - Nathaniel West
  • "Well, I can't say that me an' the Elder agree on much, but they know what they're doing. And that's something scary." - Longmire
  • "Words rarely escape me, but with this one, they do. I look forward to the poetry that they have to share..." - Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "Look I'm not saying that Saharat is an elder I want to stay the hell away from, but I'm not, not going to say that." - Thorn Agmundr
  • "My work with The Khmer, as it blossomed into a beneficial relationship. I have learned more from them about history than I ever did in school. I will always make time for them." - Pollux Xenos
  • " I did not know that such sensations as adoration and fear could be embodied by one being and yet that is what Saharat is to me. Their blood is my blood, their will is my will. They are everything I aspire to be in this nocturnal world of magic and yet they are everything I fear to become. " - Sébastien Delacroix
  • "When all it takes is a simple nod of the head to make the world turn upside down, you watch who's head is nodding. If one does not fear the power wielded by this Elder, then one is the bravest of souls, or an utter fool... undoubtedly the latter." - Övé Háskell
  • "To observe the Khmer, one would think them a creature of pure logic, devoid of passion. But this is a lie, as there is passion in all things. Saharat is merely one who uses it to rule, rather than be ruled by it." -Siegrid of the True North
  • "Alchemist is a dear. They are quiet skilled with differing chemical concoctions and were never one to be afraid to share what was best to preserve an object. When preserving inanimate objects, I always trust their recommendations as to not damage whatever it is needing to be sealed or stored." - Josef Adamczyk
  • "Vi møtte på et tidspunkt da våre klaner kjempet. Jeg var overbevist om at vi ikke var fiender i det møtet, uavhengig av vår krig. Hvilken leksjon lærer dette deg?" - Olaf
  • "Normally, I don't trust the warlocks for shit. I have too much baggage from Russia from the stupid Hag. That said, I've done a bit of business with Sahrat, and they've been upfront with me on everything. Good business, good alliance. Don't fuck with them. They've got friends in low places, including me." - Mikhail Utkin
  • "Being in such a creature's presence will chill you to the bone. I have never been so frightened as when I learned of what Saharat truly was." - Ruby Atomic
  • "Howsoever you are wary of the Khmer, I promise you, you are not wary enough. I think I know enough of hate / To say that for destruction ice / Is also great / And would suffice." - Augustin de Aragón, the Adder
  • "First Rule of Saharat's trianing, don't talk about Saharat's Training. No seriously, we are not talking about it. EVER!" - Krieger the Golem
  • "An enigmatic figure, but one that is loyal to the clan first and foremost. I pity the unfortunate kindred who learns this lesson the hard way." - Nalini Harlow
  • "They are... rare." - Paolo Giovanni
  • ""Saharat ya ask? Watch’in Saharat grow was like watch’in a flower full of passion grow from a wee little thing full of hate when Saharat killed its first… or was it its third tzimisce? Besides the point… to the fully bloom’in thing that has so much passion and rage. Sure its dangerous… but I wouldn’t have Saharat any other way. Sharat always kept its words with me. " Conall Oblitus
  • "Elder Saharat was one of the chosen Tremere who oversaw my Accounting. They saw fit to authorize me asking them but one question. One night, I may be granted leave to ask one more. Until that night comes, I best find how to make it worth their while once again. The alternative is... undesirable." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I've worked for Saharat before, probably will again. The Khmer pays well. Still though, ever meet one of those Tremere that makes you feel like you're part of an experiment?" - Dicky Coughlin
  • "I cannot deny that Saharat shows strength of will - as is typical of their blood. But they speak of faith being their foundation? Faith holds you together, Usurper? There will come a night where I will show you what the real power of faith is, Elder. It will be the last thing you ever learn." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "They do not even know my name. They are unlikely to remember my face. I am insignificant to them, and one day that will be to my benefit...and their detriment." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "Saharat is like a childrens fable. The kind where if you approach them with respect, honor and candor, they will return it in kind. If you step out of line or use the wrong fork... well. The oven is warm." Maksim Volk, Troubleshooter
  • "[Gargoyles] actually advised against assaulting you at this time. Perhaps we want all the glory for ourselves. But when the clan does decide to rid the world of your demonic influence, you will not need to worry. You will know where attack comes from in painful final moment of your existence. Never blame attack that leaves you in this world on clan Gargoyle again, or we might be offended." - Adyton
  • "My thoughts are twisted, wrong and wicked... Always knew that I wasn't the only one, I've found you." - Elika Rezaee
  • "To be found in their good graces is an unexpected honor. I pity the kindred that is caught on their bad side." - Prudence
  • * "You...the only reason why I would loose my temper." - Ghotail the Pure

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  • Saharat was forced to sire their childe Meliora; since then, the Saharat lineage has adopted the policy of arranging embraces for its members, regardless of any personal feelings or wishes.
  • Saharat is despised by all Gargoyles.
  • The first Gargoyle made by Saharat was a cat.
  • It is a closely guarded secret that Longmire is a member of Saharat's lineage.
  • Due to an alchemy experiment gone awry when they were still a young Apprentice, Saharat's line has been afflicted with a horrible blood curse.
  • Personally responsible for the genocide of the heretical Salubri bloodline.
  • Three Kindred bear the markings of Saharat's alchemical experiments, though who these individuals are continues to remain a secret.
  • Saharat is actually Sar-Rat, the childe of Ur-Shulgi, who replaced the real Saharat in the 1700's as a sleeper agent of the Assamite clan within the Tremere
  • House Saharat, under their guidance, is attempting a general takeover of Clan Tremere following the losses the Clan suffered during the Nights of Turmoil
  • Saharat once had multiple Childer, but in the Khmer's obsession with perfection in their House,they trapped them in a room which would not be opened again until only one was left standing, leaving Meliora as the victor.
  • Speaking their name to a certain Assamite instantly incites a simultaneous hunger-rage frenzy.
  • Saharat's death will from those that call it "Mother".
  • Before the Gargoyles were released, Saharat used to get fashion advise from their personal Sentinel Garuda. This explains why their fashion has not changed since that time.
  • Arranged an assassination of their broodmate in order to absorb his house in their attempt to take total control of House and Clan within North America.
  • Saharat keeps a toreador woodcrafter on retainer to replace the many tables that are lost to their wrath.
  • Rumor me!


Saharat and Constantin

House Lineage

  • Goratrix
    • Therimna
      • Saharat
        • Meliora
          • Aed
          • Ransom Kincaid
          • Randall Kincaid
          • Reouven de Revenel
            • Helmut Von Kohler
              • Alexander Duchamp (b. 2018)
          • Pascoal Mancio (d. 2018)
            • Sarah Celeste Ashwood
            • Asar (d. 2018)
              • Sterling (d. 2018)
                • Lucas Pope
                  • Lawrence
          • Darchaud
          • Reinhardt Vogel (d. 2018)

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