Salvador Julio de la Guerra

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Salvador Julio de la Guerra


The Details

Name: Salvador Julio de la Guerra
Deed Name: Canta la Leyenda
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Adren
Pack: Guardians of the Deep

Known to the Nation

House Membership: Unbreakable Hearth
Family: de la Guerra
Family Founder: Tristian Manuel de la Guerra (Legendary Lineage Merit Ancestor)
Family Motto: "Cuidado con el Lobo de Invierno" (Beware the Winter Wolf)
Current Family Patriarch: Don Alejandro Antonio de la Guerra

Notable Traits

  • His hair is shortened and less full than it once was, his eyes and face seem worn and tired. His stride is still with purpose.

Public Timeline

  • September 1983 - La Familia de la Guerra announces the birth of it's first son and declares him Heir after the Baptism of Fire is conducted.
  • March 1989 - Salvador begins private school under guidance of the Den Parent.
  • January 1994 - Salvador undergoes his First Change under a Galliard Moon. He also begins his more militant training regimen under his father.
  • August 1999 - Salvador is assigned a kinfolk bodyguard, Sylvia Chacon.
  • October 2001 - Salvador finishes his training and schooling and gains the rank of Cliath, called "Palabras de Orgullo".
  • July 2005 - After assisting the Den Parent, he challenges for Fostern, gaining the name "Lengua Afilada".
  • December 2009 - Challenges for his Adren rank, appeases spirits with well told story of the struggle of the Garou. Now called "Canta la Leyenda".
  • February 2017 - Forms the pack Winds of Change with Fiera de la Camada and Aron LaCoix.

Known Associates

Rumors & Scuttlebutt

  • He was actually cast out of his home in Mexico.
  • He's some sort of Heir, but where's his house?
  • A LaCoix in his pack? Probably has some pull in the Tribal Council.
  • A Cliath LaCoix in his pack? I bet he's pissed at being a glorified babysitter.
  • He recently began courting Amber Lauren.
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)

Wagging Tongues

  • "This one, although his bloodline is Legendary, has much to learn about the future of the Nation, and the Unity of all Garou and Fera alike, his firm and Zealous belief of the Sanctum of Gaia and its laws are unfounded. If only he could open his eyes and see the facts before him. We are all better together." - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "Silver Spoon there better start learning to back up that mouth of his with a good argument or fist. While his steadfast hold on the traditions of the Sanctum would have been honorable in a bygone age, today he let a Fera get under his skin, and that just won't cut mustard." - Amos Fannon
  • "He's everything I wish I could avoid about being married to The Nation. My husband is a hard man and a traditionalist, Old Boy Sal is just a bigot and a blow hard. Here's hoping that whole pack moves along soon." - Josephine Fannon
  • "His behavior threatens the stability of the sept and the Nation as a whole. He clings to legacy and lineage as the world advances around him. One day he'll realize that he's been left behind." - Eight Rounds Rapid
  • "Can even the cunning Bastet steal a Silver Fang's honor? We will know in time." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "El orgullo que tiene por su nombre familiar algún día no sera lo suficiente para mantenerlo de pie. Cuando llegue ese día, encontrara que su único apoyo sera su manada." - Fiera de la Camada
  • "Every tribe has their strength, and their hubris. I've seen plenty of it in the nearly 200 years these bones have had the luck of carrying me to know that cycles repeat, and hubris will be our downfall if we don't look to the strengths of all. He's a hell of a Galliard, and I hope his stories inspire Honor, Glory, and Wisdom among all who hear it." Samuel "Old Ironsides" Johnson
  • "Bah, so I told a naughty tale about him. People seem to forget that they have a chip on their shoulder, too. Every one makes mistakes, but a true Garou survives and learns from them. Time will tell if the Adren can do the same. But there is one thing I can say for sure....By Ra, he has great hair!" - Ghost in the Woods
  • "We have begun a tradition of our own. Under a Skald moon he will tell me a story to pass along to my child when he is born . And this is the way the Legacy of the Nation comes to pass." - Sylvi Anker
  • "For his and his pack's sake, I hope he has the capacity to learn. If not I fear his karma will touch him in a way he will not be proud of." - Dam Karma
  • "He did us a favor and I appreciate it." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "He got a purty mouth with purty words that come out of it... until he starts talking about something that ain't a Galliard tale. That mouth is gonna get him in trouble someday, but what the fuck do I know? I'm just a Cliath. And my mouth is full of filth." - Artemis
  • "He is a Silver Fang for sure." - Jo Trevino
  • "Oh, so they're finally trying him with failing to respect one les- higher in station? Are you sure you got that right?" - Gordon Fannon
  • "Salvador has done more bellyachin' since he showed up than anyone in this damn Sept and he's done half as much as the rest. Maybe if he had any balls he'd put up or shut up and challenge the Sept Alpha if he thinks he can do better." - Amos Fannon
  • "An erudite and capable Galliard, born of an unquestionable lineage. What then, keeps him back? Pride can be a bulwark, but it can also be a wall too tall to scale. He must take care of how he uses his Pride, let it use him." - Loki Laufeyson
  • "I have heard some say he is reckless and a danger to his comrades in arms. What I have witness was Canta la Leyenda stand stall against a foe that would have made many turn tale and run, and then through sheer force of personality and will help save many members of my Sept and guide them back to the heart of the fight. He has proven himself a Hero of the Sept of Hidden Spring and is welcome in my territory anytime he wishes to visit." - Gunner Osterholt
  • "Personally I think he's a great leader. The quest he lead was smooth and painless." Thomas Glenanne
  • "His devotion to Gaia and his ability to command are assets to our cause. I'd gladly march into battle with this hero again." - Shoulder's the Burden
  • "Say what you will about ol Sal, he has a good head on his shoulders. He just needs to realize that people who think differently aren't necessarily wrong." - Caedon Rothe
  • "Once there was an old nun seeking enlightenment. She struggled for a long time, seeming to find no path to zen or understanding. Every night, she would carry water water from the well back to the monastery. One moonlit night, as she was carrying water, the bottom fell out of her bucket, and so she was enlightened! Of that night, she wrote "In this way and that I tried to save the old pail. Since the bamboo strip was weakening and about to break, until at last the bottom fell out. No more water in the pail! No more moon in the water!" - Tsomo
  • "In a time to speak on Unity, he chose to speak ill of those who are our allies in this fight. To speak of them as liars, easily corrupted by the Wyrm, and so on. Amidst a tide of anger, I did all I could to hold it at bay lest things become violent. Rather than speak of Unity, he chose to seed further division." - Madison Walsh
  • "He's an ass." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
  • "I made him some armour and he seems to like it. He's in my mate's pack so I want to help keep him from extra damage if I can even a little". - Annika
  • "A great deal of barking makes one question the ability to actually bite." - Morena's Lament
  • "I suppose his handsomeness makes up for the lack of charm one one would expect from a Galliard. Perhaps he improves with time." - Rose Marie Davis
  • "Dude. I don't know a lot of Silver Fangs, but this guy is for sure one of those Silver Fangs. Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about. Ass." - Kneecap
  • "Say what you want to about him. When things were at their most dire, very few can come through like he can. He does need to learn how to drive faster though." - Sylvi Anker Fannon
  • "This one has been busy with challenges to over see. It is good that so many were worthy to rise in rank to be over seen by this one." - Executioner's Resolve
  • "So, let's get two things straight about my packmate. Number one, he is a hard-time seeing past his own nose. And Number Two, He is one of the best Warrior-Bards I have fought with. So, if you have a problem with him, Challenge him and kick his arse on the Mound, cause he could use the humility lesson. But if you try to claw him in the back, I will rip off your arm and cut you throat with your own claws. And I am not kidding, see, their is this trick where you twist the shoulder joint as you cut in....." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
  • "He is a credit to the Nation. His Pride is tempered by wisdom, and I am pleased to have encountered him." - Delta
  • "I may be known carry the fire, but Salvador is the light of my life. I cannot fathom a more ideal mate, husband, nor a partner in crime. And here I was trying to stay out of trouble.." - Amber Lauren
  • "Mmm. Well, I suppose one couldn't fault his loyalty. There's that, at least." - 'Spector
  • "He knows what he wants and knows how to assemble the right team to get there. Proud and strong. Strong enough to ask for help. Strong enough to do what it takes." - Smooth Operator
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