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Name: Sam Bowden
Deed Name: "Falls Like Rain"
Rank: Fostern
Gender: Male
Tribe: Black Fury
Breed: Homid

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Sam Bowden is a 20-something male Black Fury orininally from an affluent suburb in Detroit. After spending quite some time as a criminal investigator, the Homid has been traveling the United States investigating phenomena unexplained by humans. His personality is fierce yet quirky. He has the sensibilities of his birth family with the wild abandon of a man looking to prove himself.

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Homid: Sam is conventionally attractive for someone that grew up in the 90's. Nearly six feet tall, he keeps a neat trimmed beard and stylized slicked back hair. His clothing choices could be described as sassy yet sophisticated.His nails are pointed and painted at all times.

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Lupus: As a wolf, Sam is smaller than most, but exudes a predatory mantle. His fur is black with grey streaky patches along his sides.

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Player: Jeremy Moffitt

Player Email:

Storyteller: Erykah Fasset

Storyteller Email:

Location: Grand Rapids, MI