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The fight against the darkness never ends
Samuel Caldwell Nicholson aka Sam Caldwell
"You are not the scariest thing in the darkness, you are not even the scariest individual I have met tonight" - Sam Caldwell

Personal Information

Full Name: Samuel Caldwell Nicholson
Date of Birth: 1710 - Suffolk England
Embrace: 1745
Apparent Age: 30's
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Elder
Position: Sheriff
City: London UK

Sam 1.jpeg

House Silanus

RP Hooks

  • "Sabbat War veterans"
  • "Strategists for the Ivory Tower"
  • "Military historians"
  • "Social justice warriors"
  • "Kindred he has helped escape the horrors of European Wars or pogroms"

Allies and Enemies



Short Timeline

1745 – Antwerp – Sam was embraced by Verity Adams

1850 – Sam first sees what truly lies within the shadows of London. He tries to bring this up with the Sheriff, but he is too busy doing the bidding of Prince Mithras to protect the herd or even other Kindred. He vows that he will do whatever it takes to fight back against the creatures who stalk the night, killing the herd or Kindred.

1850 – 1890 – The war is a nightly event of investigation, chasing down rumours and the odd bit of violence. Most of the Court whispers that Sam is crazy, he should be spending more time at Court and with his Clan.

1887 – Sam embraces a young firebrand in Paris – Elania Sterling. They travel together for the next few years across the United Kingdom and France.

1895 – Sam falls into torpor for the first-time due to injuries received from a fight in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral with the Sabbat.

1899 – Sam awakens for the new century and begins the war again. No one took up his mantle whilst he was in torpor much to his disappointment but not his surprise. Post torpor he decides that the front lines of the war are not his place. If he was to fall, the war would stop, therefore he must inspire and organise others to fight.

1941: The blitz occurs, Sam buries himself deep in the basement of his house and falls into Torpor to wait out the firestorm and chaos in the City.

1980: Sam awakens into a new world, one he barely recognises, yet the spirit of commerce is the same as the Georgian era.

2013 – Returning to Court regularly for the first time in 20 years, he quickly he has the position of Sheriff thrust upon him. He again begins to organise an army to fight in the shadows.

If you want the far more detailed timeline, or to make ties, email me, we'll talk.

Rumors, Truths, and Lies

  • Sam has connections to several ancient Kindred in Europe, does he work for them, is he blood bound to them?
  • Sam is responsible for 17.4% of the assaults in London
  • Sam is a soft touch for young Brujah who have run afoul of other Kindred and need a place to hide.


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