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Information Known by Kindred Society

Lasombra Symbol.png

Name: Samantha “Sam” Decker-Amador

Clan: Lasombra

Quote: "Denborak itxaropena galtzen uzten ez didan arren, ez dut gehiegi fidatu."

Notable Traits: Tall; casts no reflection in mirrors; permanent fangs.

Information Known by the Sabbat

Anarch Status: Commited

Current Location: Pueblo, Colorado

Position: Ambassador of Pueblo

Gang: The Front Range Mafia

Information Known by Clan Lasombra

- Embraced as Tenth Generation and assumed to still be.
- Is a crafts-woman in metal, skilled in making gates, doors, and many other large metal structures = Fame 3
- Only Childe of Sully Amador, who stopped at perfection.


House: Semeei de Amador or "Children of Amador" in Basque
House Quote: "Do not think yourself so illuminated upon high that the light will save you. For beneath that light there are shadows in the darkness... and we are savage in that endeavor."

Great-Grand Sire: Diego Amador
Grand Sire: Javier Amador
Sire: William "Sully" Sullivan Amador
Samantha "Sam" Decker-Amador


- July 16th, 1964: Born in Grimsby, England
- 1983: Sam decided to attend college in the US at UNM in Albuquerque, NM. Continued her studies of metalworking and metallurgy.
- 1990: Sam was kidnapped from campus by human traffickers that specialize in vampires in the Sabbat. She was sold to Raul Diaz and taken to Mexico.
- Summer 1991: Attempted to escape her domitor with her boyfriend, who was killed and she was reacquired, taken back to Mexico.
- 1992-1995: She was taken to many places around the US & Mexico with her Domitor, working on gates and security structures for his Pack and Allies.
- August 1995: Rescued by William "Sully" Sullivan Amador in California and Embraced.
- 1995-1997 : Probationary Period. Sully and Sam relocated permanently to Pueblo, CO
- 1997-2000: Worked for Sully, running errands for the gang, etc.
- 2000-2017: Worked on her own projects, mainly outfitting her family’s estates with security gates, and taking outside clientele through her retainer, building up her business: SDA Metalworks- became well known in the region for her metalwork (Craft 5): Fame 3.

Character Description

Physical description: Samantha is a tall woman at 6’, with well toned muscles from her many years at metal craft. She has hazel eyes, fair complexion and short brunette to red hair. She wears her English heritage proudly. Sam has a purple & blue wing tattoo on her left arm, and various ear piercings. She is usually seen in jeans, boots, and a long sleeved black shirt of some kind, sleeves pulled to her elbows. She wears her family’s symbol proudly around her neck, and her trade is represented by the metal wire bracelet she is often seen with.


- She still associates with the Kine, but her retainer deals directly with them.
- She is not actually the only embraced childe of Sully… she “boxed” the others and buried them.
- She's really a Toreador in disguise.
- Before she was Embraced, she built all the strongholds of the prominent Sabbat leaders.
- Had a long affair with an Elder of the Camarilla.


"When she looks you up and down, she isn't admiring your form... she's measuring you for the iron box." - Diego Amador
"Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen." - Sam
"To truly hate is an art one learns with time." - Sam
"Few things are more deceptive than memories." - Sam
"No. Please, Continue with your assumptions of my cousin. I'm certain she would love to test your mettle." - Diego Vega

"Samantha Amador is a formidable young kindred. Let neither her age nor any other aspect of her personality fool you in to believing she is any less resilient nor tempered than the iron she molds which such formidable skill. " - Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir

OOC Information

Player: Cassy Hunkins

MES #: US2005033126

VST: Gabe Romero

Region/Domain: NC/CO-012-D

Location: Pueblo, CO