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Samantha "Sammi" Giovanni


1957- Born
1975 – Entered college to study economics, earned all A’s in the bedroom with professors
1980 – After taking a gap year, she begins work at an investment firm
1981 – Frankie, Sammy’s little sister, is born. Sammy is smitten
1983 – Due to some good investments on the side, Sammy begins her own firm
1986 – Sammy is embraced
1992 – Heads off on her own, having learned how to not lose her head. Mostly, she spends her time working on her Necromantic skills
2002 – Embraces a childe (Open slot for childer)
2006 – Creates Cardinal Borkgia (Cereberus)
2008 – Takes a nap after being attacked by a Harbringer. Cardinal Borkgia, fortunately, finishes off the Harbringer. Or so she believes
2018 – Awakens after an extended torpor, officially joins the Independent Alliance, and visits The Bahamas because she claimed she"needed a vacation." Upon arriving, she found that the old Doyen was dead, and there were no other contenders to be found. She declared herself Doyen and became Dona of the local family.

Notable Traits

Low Humanity
Constantly dilated pupils
Low tolerance for bullshit


Sammy is secretly in love with her sister
Sammy once had a threesome with Frankie and a Setite. The Setite said it was the best she ever had, and meant it
Sammy is on the Path of Ecstasy
Sammy is on a darker path that none can truly know
Sammy will kill someone who makes fun of Nonna's cooking
Sammy is really just a bimbo who lucked into her position
Sammy is so much smarter than she seems




Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Position: Doyen of Freeport
Lineage: Athánatous Foitités Elénchou Lineage
Status: Accredited [Innate]
Celebrated [Abiding]
Commander [Abiding]
Authority [Abiding]
Loyal [Fleeting]
by Saul Rothstein

OOC Information

Player: Cat Wall
City: Bahamas
VST: Ramon Pazos