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"He Who Walks Over Much."

General Information


Name: Samoset

Aliases: Sam Walker

Tribe: Bastet

Breed: Feline

Pryio: Dusk

Rank: Fostern


Known Timeline of Events

  • Born April 10 1983 in Mountains of West Virginia
  • First Change April 13 1985 during encounter with poachers
  • Oct 2 1990 - Left the teachings of his mentor in WV and began exploring the east coast.
  • Dec 14 2010 - Began working with the Garou Nation
  • Jan 3 2016 - Took the Rite of Acceptance
  • Nov 13 2018 - Stood for the seat of Fool on the Auspice Council
  • Dec 8 2018 - Defended the Greet Beech during the Battle of the Pine Barrens

Known to the Garou Nation

  • Samoset is the strong silent type. If you do get him to open up to you it is usually twisted into some riddle poem. On the battlefield though he strikes fast and true and will not leave another kin or kind behind.
  • Samoset has claimed the seat of Fool on the Auspice Council and remains there unchallenged.
  • During the Battle of the Great Beech Samoset fought along side Makes-Babies of the Silent Striders against the twisted Theurge of Black Spiral by the name of Hammer of Malfeas and her swarm of Banes she commanded.

Known to the Humans

  • Sam is an urban explorer and rumored that he could get into or out of anywhere if we wanted to. He has been to placed in Philadelphia that have not been seen since the days of the Founding Fathers.

Known Associates and Acquaintances

Known Associates:

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Rumors and Revelations


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Out of Character Information

Player: Mike Richards

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Storyteller: Ian DeLorey

Samoset's Soundtrack

Character Ties

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