Samson Asada

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Samson `Asada
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Name:Samson `Asada, Samson of Tyre, Maahes, Maahes of Tyre, The Lion of Tyre
Social Standing:Master Elder, Primogen


Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Noble


Samson Asada is a giant of a kindred at 6'9" tall, with a broad build and a quiet fierceness he is nigh impossible to miss. With a quirky personality for one of his age and clan, he known to love books and knowledge with the same level as any known academics of any other clan.

Generally dressed comfortably, Asada carries many esoteric items on him at all times, religious iconography of various faiths, books, and other strange objects.

Fiercely loyal to his family above all else, like many of them, he is remarkably feline in movement and manner. A growling lion when angry, a purring gentle giant when happy.

"SCIENTIA SIT POTENTIA - Let Knowledge Be Power"
- family motto
Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Height: 6'9"
  • Insatiably Curious

  • Ana, Weird little mystic great-grandchilde
  • Some Guy, that I knew once, cuz reasons
  • What have you heard?

Intolerant of Sabbat, bordering or recklessly violent about it
Intolerant of the Infernal.

  • "Samson is the closest to a Father I've ever had, my loyalty lies with him as much as it does my Sire. He freed me." - Ana
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
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