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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Samuel Harrison, "Endures the Foe"

Notable Traits: Snappy dresser, white streaks in his hair, often seen with a white-streaked raven on his shoulder

Pack: Thunderstruck

Society: Sun Lodge / Unbreakable Hearth

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Rage


Samuel “Endures the Foe” Harrison is a very traditional Silver Fang and a member of the Sun Lodge along with his half-sister, Tess VonCarrington. He is a strong adherent to the Might makes Right philosophy. He had his first change later than most wolves at the age of 19 in 2009 during the Age of Apocalypse right before the battle for the Caern of Houston.

During the fighting for the Caern in Houston Samuel and a group of eleven other cubs were separated from their Den Parent and were forced to fight. Sam rallied the cubs around himself and although they lost two of their members they were able to hold their own using the few gifts available to them and afterward Samuel was promoted to Cliath and given the deed name “Marshals the Pack.”

Since then, Samuel has continued to lead in battle and has adopted the stance that the strong should lead, so he continues to physically challenge himself hoping that one day he will make a great leader of the Garou nation. Sam abhors weakness, but he is not opposed to using his charm to get what he wants when possible. If it's not possible then he will resort to using force to get his way.

After his grueling ordeal as a cub, Samuel joined the pack "Relentless" as he felt like their ideals mirrored his own. His half-sister “Carries the Stone” and her oldest ally lead the pack and Samuel hopes to learn from them. Where his sister is aloof and analytical Samuel is charming and fiery, ready to step up to any challenge that gets in his way and strike it down.

Character Inspirations

Klaus “The Originals”, Draven “League of Legends”, Darth Serevin “Star Wars”


  • 1989: Oct. 15th Born
  • 2009: Undergoes first change
  • 2009: Fights alongside a group of cubs when they are separated from the Den Parent, during the fall of Houston. Is raised to Cliath and earns the Deed Name: Marshalls the Pack
  • 2009: Joins the pack “Relentless”
  • 2010: Travelled around aiding in restoring the Garou Nation
Early 2010: Searching for lost lore in the Middle East with Kassandra Vassos.
  • 2014: Returned to Houston and was made Fostern.

The Tale of the Deed Name

Endures the Foe

Samuel sniffed the air and looked around him. This was not how things were supposed to turn out. It was supposed to have been a simple reconnaissance mission, not his usual forte, but the Sept had suggested that he try branching out. Unfortunately it seemed as if the group of bloodsuckers he was supposed to be watching had been alerted to the fact. Sam knew that a faction of vampires had aided in the last fight, but that relations between the bloodsuckers and the Garou were not good no matter what those bleeding hearts from the Concordant tried to claim. This group had been terrorizing the outskirts of Houston and the leaders of Samuel's Sept wanted to keep an eye on them, so they had assigned the task to the young Cliath.

The group he was following consisted of three members. Sam had followed them discretely until one broke off from the others. Samuel sent a telepathic message to his pack members through their totem informing them of the break and followed the other two in his Lupus form. Speaking with the owls in the area he asked one to follow the vampire who had broken off from the group, that was the only reason he was forewarned when the creature materialized behind him. Having only a moments notice, Samuel shifted into Hispo and utilizing one of the spirit tokens he kept, managed to dodge the creatures attack.

Sending a hurried message to his pack mates, Samuel knew that they were close, but that he would have to hold this creature off until they could reach him. His fury rising at the fact that this creature didn't even try and speak to him before attacking Sam launched a counter-attack of his own. The concordant believed that some of these creatures could be useful, but this just proved even more to Samuel that the ways of the Sanctum were correct. His claws sharpened and silver coated them as Sam flung them at the Vampire. They managed to connect and the creature gave a bestial cry to rival that of any Garou. Samuel returned it with a war cry that seemed to almost sing with fury. The owl that he had spoken to earlier informed him that the creatures companions were on their way and Sam could only hope that his pack mates would get there before, or at the same time, as the vampire’s allies. The creature lunged for him, fangs bared, and without the aid of a spirit token the vampire managed to sink his fangs deep into Samuel's fur. This only enraged the young Garou further and he returned the bite with a savage clawing of his own. It was obvious to Samuel the the vampire was in pain and the creature tried to get away, but Sam was relentless as he continued to hound the Vampires movements, the two clawing and biting each other. The fight seemed to drag out as Samuel's rage built, but eventually the creature before him stopped moving and fell at Sam's feet. His wounds mending slowly, but surely Sam prepared for the creatures companions to come upon them. He would destroy this Wyrm-tainted group and stop the reign of terror that they had been causing. He realized his two pack mates had finally reached him, just as the vampires companions did. Seeing their fallen ally the two creatures flew into a rage. Utilizing his mental link, Samuel instructed his pack mates to try and leave one alive so that he could be questioned by the Sept and their main mission could be salvaged.

Fighting two of the creatures was more difficult, especially considering these two seemed more experienced, but eventually the three Garou were triumphant. Switching back to Homid Samuel burned two of the bodies, but kept one. The creature appeared to be dead, but Sam knew that looks could be deceiving and he also knew that the Sept leaders would want to question one of the Wyrm-tainted. He and his pack mates returned the fallen foe to the Sept and he wove the tale of what had happened, ensuring that the members of the Concordant knew that their supposed “allies” had struck first, with no warning. Although it was not how the Sept leaders had envisioned his quest going, they considered Samuel to have met the requirements, by returning to them one who could teach them much about the enemies movements. They officially named him Fostern and gave him the title “Endures the Foe” for the many wounds he had suffered at the hands of the foul creatures.


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  • "My little brother sings tales like a bard and fights like a warrior. I couldn't be more proud to be his sister." - Tess VonCarrington

OOC Information

Player: Will H.

Storyteller: Andy Lambert

Location: Houston, TX