Samuel Jones

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Samuel "Sammy" Jones


Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Coterie: None
Domain: Dallas

OOC Information

Player: Richard Lee McGibboney
Storyteller: VST
Domain: Dallas




Lived in the metroplex since 1984, went out of town on vacation once (bad idea), and came back a changed man.

With the help of Tremere Elder Pascoal, after being confused for so long, Sammy found his Clan and a place in the Tower.

Notable Traits and Oddities

He's warm to the touch, which he is told is weird. His aura, for those with the aptitude, is really bright (another oddity, although he has no idea). In fact, even animals treat him normally. He swears he's a vampire though!

He tends to not speak with a great confidence and keeps quiet when he can.

Covered in bandages at all times save for his left eye, which looks normal by all accounts.

Known Associates

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Open Hostilities

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  • None thus far, thank goodness!


  • "At first he seemed a simple mockery of the blood as a mere selfish spoiled Anarch. Now, he more than seems as such. May the Lord guide him to set himself free and toward the only salvation available: The glory that is The Camarilla. God's grace is his only hope." - Enzo DuBois
  • "Samuel understands how things work. He also understands that if you set a man on fire he is warm for the rest of his life. But him and his friends have proven to me their use and their intelligence. I could almost feel bad for those who try and cross them. " - Lady Von Jagar
  • "When you need a true ear to listen, you can look no further than Sammy. He is always willing to hear what you have to say. Sammy will find a way to help if you ever have a need. Just do not forget you have told him something, or he will remind you later." Agatha Bishop
  • "Sammy is, as Sammy does. My suggestion is to honor your agreements with him, it would also be wise to not cross the boy." - Papa Beauxdon
  • "Polite. Quiet. Either deeply nervous, or entirely too well aware of my clan's historical reputation. I do so appreciate his sense of promptness and courtesy." - Gabriel
  • "I am so happy for Sammy! Not only has he discovered his true clan, but he's joined the Camarilla! If only everyone was lucky enough to find a place where they belong. He's making a fine addition, already." - Noah Bauer
  • "I have only known Sammy for a very short while, but immediately knew that he was going to make a phenomenal Talon. He has done nothing but impress since his appointment." - Silas Watson

Rumor Mill

  • Rumor has it Sammy is an Anarch. He certainly hangs around the Dallas Anarchs a lot!
  • Let's be real. We all know the truth. He's a Salubri infernalist in hiding. All those bandages on his face? To hide his third eye. Get your torch and pitchforks kiddos!!
  • Sammy has Elder Pascoal to thank for helping him find his clan.
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