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  • Cheatham Street Warehouse - The largest music venue in the city and the home of local musicians. George Strait and the Ace in the Hole Band played their first shows here in 1975 and, in the early 1980s, a young Stevie Ray Vaughan played there every Tuesday night. Even Willie Nelson has played here, marking it as a true Texas staple.
  • The Devil's Backbone - Texas Farm Roads 12, 165, 2325, and 32, along with U.S. Highway 281, form a loop that connects Wimberley and Blanco. This loop cuts through a scenic portion of the Texas Hill Country that looks like something straight out of a Wild West movie. The area, called the “Devil’s Backbone,” draws visitors from all over Texas who come to see the sweeping vistas. Supposedly, the area also draws visitors from farther away…perhaps even from the “great beyond.”
  • Optima, Inc HQ - An organization linked with the Revenant Revolt, and Serena de la Cruz. The company has gone quiet in recent nights, but remains a powerful force within the city. Somehow, they've chosen a new CEO, and appear to be buying land wherever they can.
  • San Marcos Regional Airport - Strategically located between two of the most dynamic and fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, the San Marcos airport is a a rapidly emerging center for business and technology in the area.
  • Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish - Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish is a parish in the Catholic Diocese of nearby Austin. They serve the needs of the Catholic students, faculty, and staff of Texas State University, for over 100 years.
  • San Marcos Springs - The San Marcos Springs are the third-largest collection of springs in Texas. Never in recorded history has the river run dry. Once a theme park, now a research center, this once famous attraction has mostly faded from public memory.
  • Texas State University - The largest institution in the Texas State University System and the fifth-largest university in the state of Texas. Classified as a research university and the alma-mater of George Strait and Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • The Witch's Glen - A large woodland area near the end of the Devil's Backbone and the previous home of "The Witch" and several others known as "Druids." The area has been fully cleaned out, as if the Druids left in a hurry after their last encounter with the Sword of Caine.