Santino "Dean" Giovanni Di Jovian

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Character Info

Ancilla Giovanni of the di Jovian Lineage

Giovanni Hatchet of New Orleans

Fighter Archetype

Concept/Role: Santino (aka Dean) was embraced in the 1950's and carries himself with a Rat Pack swagger. However, much of his former flamboyance has been worn away by decades of dealings with specters, spirits, and zombies.

He appears to be in his middle 30's, and he favors simple, custom clothing that only stands out for its fine quality.



  • Accredited as a member of the Independent Alliance
  • Loyal


  • Enforcer as Hatchet
  • Earnest as Hatchet


  • Courageous by Arabella, Giovanni Doyen of New Orleans
  • Reverent by Arabella, Giovanni Doyen of New Orleans
  • Honorable by Naqiya, Setite Doyen of New Orleans
  • Courteous by Zanobi, Virago of New Orleans

Brief History

Santino is loyal to the family and will volunteer for dirty work of any kind. When he is not putting hands on someone in his role as Hatchet, he can be seen standing silently in the company of his elders. He typically has little to say, but he does not shun society...


  • 1875- Santino is born in Venice.
  • 1902- Santino Giovanni arrives in New Orleans from Venice and is immediately ghouled by one of the local members of the Giovanni clan.
  • 1950- Santino is granted the embrace and takes great interest in the nightlife of New Orleans.
  • 1995- Santino opens a string of night clubs in the French Quarter. One still flourishes into modern nights-- a venue for swing bands and burlesque shows.
  • 2011- Santino becomes Minister to the Hatchet of New Orleans
  • 2019- Santino becomes the Hatchet of New Orleans


Sire: Stefano Gianni Giovanni di Jovian


  • "If you want to understand how a proper Giovanni man behaves, watch my cousin Santino." - Aureliano Stefano Giovanni
  • "Quote Here" - PC
  • "Quote Here" - PC

Historical Events Witnessed

  • Coming Soon

OOC Information

Player: Erik, US2016080067

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joshua Kruebbe

Storyteller Email: []

Location: New Orleans, LA