Sarah "Clean Plate" Romanov

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(When given a plate of poison finish the plate.)

What is Known

Kitsune, by

Name: Sarah Romanov
Deed Names: Line of Blood, Fingers of Fire, Dances in Dust, Final Act, Clean Plate
Aliases: Grandmother
Tribe: Kitsune
Auspice: Eji (Ahroun)
Breed: Roko (Lupus)
Rank: Tenko (Elder) (USA-NC-WA-037107)
Tails: Kyubi (9)
Age: 1,000 (Born August 16, 1017 (USA-NC-WA-1702-037108)
Apparent Age: 18
Pack Name: Infamous!
Pack Totem: Snapping Turtle
Sept: Sept of the Heartland Star
Sept Position:


Kojin Form:

Clean Plate is a lithe woman with shoulder length white hair, always seen in public wearing a blue and white porcelain Kitsune mask. Her typical garb is a Japanese dancer’s tunic in contrasting black with yellow and green accents. This, combined with long, black, fingerless gloves and jikatabi conceals nearly every inch of her flesh save sharp, white fingernails, crafty green eyes and a pale glimpse of her throat. Two sharp sai hang from her belt along her back in a cross fashion. Most of the time she has a black messenger bag dangling from her right shoulder filled to the brim with various food items.

Koto Form:

Clean Plate's clothing remains the same in this form but her mask is gone. Black markings similar to her mask appear along the fur on her face. Her fur is a light red while spots along her head and neck have patches of pure white. Nine tails weave and sway behind her in a hypnotic pattern each one pure white.


A tiny fox with black paws and white along her back and belly. Her tail is mostly white but with a black tip.

A Legacy of Fire and Blood


Bound By Honor (Known History)

  • She is roughly one thousand years old.
  • She has served as a mentor to multiple Kitsune over the last several hundred years.
  • She was never on good terms with the Beast Courts.
  • She is openly resentful of being bound to the Beast Courts for so long.
  • She is relatively tight lipped about her past.

Rekindling of the Soul (Modern known history)

  • Sarah left Japan in 2009
  • Sarah fought in the Battle for the Sept of the Crescent moon in 2010. Her ambush fighting style allowed her to excel. There she saved from certain death Jinghua Zheng slaying an Elder Black Spiral Dancer in the process. (Approval #: 02190061)
  • Sarah aided the Sept of Buffalo Grass near Manhattan Kansas in obtaining their shard stone.
  • Sarah aided in the Sept's defense in some capacity when it was over run in 2016.

Known Associates

Her Heart and Soul (Family)


Allies & Students

Fallen Allies



  • "You will never truly understand Sarah, for that is her nature; to be an enigma. There are glimpses, pieces of herself which she shares, but even these are calculated and considered beforehand. After three centuries, I know only two things which I can guarantee to be true about my Oba-chan: her family is sacred above all things, to her, and I can predict nothing else from her. If you believe that you can do better than I...I will make popcorn and observe. Perhaps sell tickets." - Grace of Heaven
  • "There is turmoil in her soul, I can sense it. I am curious what she will get up to now that she is 'free' of the Beast Courts." -Mitsuki
  • "I mean....Gramma spoils us all...but she's a lot less strange of a creature if you just stay in Roko. She makes way more sense if you apply her personality to being Roko born." - Katie Roman
  • "It is always a pleasant encounter, no matter where I run into Clean Plate. even to this day, I still carry her by boat anywhere she needs to go." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Her wisdom matches her age, which is something that many others could learn from." - Clickbait Luciano
  • "I met Grandmother my first few weeks as a Garou. She was so enamored with me and I didn’t know why at the time. Now, I realize that in all her years, she still values joy and hope and promise and saw that in me." - Smooth Operator

Dust in the Wind (Rumors)

  • Sarah's legend began with the hunting of Nogitsune; twisted, fallen members of her own kind.
  • She has been said to have earned at least one deed name by sealing an entire group of people fallen to the Wyrm inside a house, and setting it ablaze.
    • She stayed to watch while they all died.
      • May or may not have roasted marshmallows
        • Kidding.
          • Or am I?
  • She taught her granddaughters stealth by showing them how to steal food from the kitchens when Nikita was cooking.
    • If any of them were caught, they would have to attempt to talk their way out of it or they'd be stuck with whatever duties Nikita came up with as punishment (and they weren't allowed to implicate her).
      • Except Katie, being the baby of Kita's litter gives her leniency nobody else gets.
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