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Commonly Known

Name: Sarah Celeste Ashwood

Notable Traits and Features: Celeste, as she prefers to be called, is of R1 rank (Known only to Tremere) and wears robes of blue and black. She has a carved antler necklace with a stylized symbol of House and Clan on it, as well as several other pieces of bone and natural materials. She has a gold pendant as well with hermetic symbols inscribed on it. She has glasses perched on her nose, and ravens tend to follow her from place to place.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat


  • Acknowledged by the Prince of the Dominican Republic
  • Confirmed as Ancilla of her clan
  • Loyal as per the Tremere Primogen of Austin
  • Honorable by Elder Prince Saharat of Raleigh

Known History


Sarah Ashwood was born in 1765. Her mother died in childbirth, and she was taken in by the old wise woman in the village, and raised as her own. She grew up learning the lore of the land, herbal medicine, midwifing, and other small charms and spells. Whether they worked or not was up for speculation, but she was raised to believe in the old ways, older than Christianity.

They moved from time to time, because although they were a needed part of the community for their services in medicines and midwifing, they were also feared and suspected of witchcraft. They mostly kept to themselves, though they did go to church on Sundays like good women should. Though whether they believed it when they said their prayers was up for debate. They dealt with the gypsies, always had soup and bread on for those down on their luck, and were generally kind individuals.

One night when she was bringing water back from the well, she was taken and embraced by Pascoal Mancio.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Springtime 1790 - Embraced by Pascoal Mancio

Winter of 1850 - Is sent to apprentice under Seamus Montague for ten years. During that time, the Sabbat attacked, and stole Celeste. She was mistaken for Telyav due to them seeing her use presence, and that bought her enough time for Seamus to rescue her. One of the sabbat telyav gave her the antler necklace.

1940-1942 - Hunted rogue tremere with Longmire, another member of house and clan.


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I did not want her, but she is mine. You will remember this, and treat her accordingly. - Pascoal
Her knowledge when she was embraced was stunning - and it has only grown with time. - Meliora
Straightforward and direct while remaining polite and, when appropriate, deferential. Other Ancilla could learn much from Celeste of Clan Tremere. - Ailis Cárthach
She should count herself lucky that her date wandered off, as I imagine she would have been most embarrassed to have been seen with an elder of her clan, who was... twerking. - Morena Meyer
In an age where many have scattered loyalties, this child is staunchly loyal. She should serve as an example to her peers and those her junior of commitment. - Virgil Silex
It is rare to find one who still believes in the old ways, especially in the young. Watch her. - Æthered
Elle est compétente sans aucun doute. Les anciens parlent très bien de ses mérites. Je me considère comme chanceux d'avoir vu pourquoi. - Ludovic Pétion
"A troublesome wayward lamb. I shall have to meet with Pascoal about her. She knows how to get your attention, for sure." - Reverend Gideon Haven
"We have never met, but a collaboration together many decades ago made me learn that the fruits of knowledge are borne from many a different tree." - Thaddeus Moreau
Perfect poise and grace, with eyes that know far more than she tells. - Ruby Atomic
I'm gladdened to know that cunning folk survived that terrible witch craze that cursed my ancillary years. She shows promise, regardless of clan. - Rhiannon Byrd
I really don't understand the Tremere. Do they just scour the occult groups looking for people with a willingness to blindly follow old and ritualistic ways? I don't know. But It seems this one is hard core for her clan. Don't let her kidnap you or you'll end up in 5 different jars on a shelf somewhere, if you're lucky! - 3chelon
A young scholar steeped in the ways of old, she is what we need, and I shall have an eye on her... - Greybeard
Slave, you will either break your chains or I will choke you with them one day. - Raven Tempestarii
The knowledge I have given you is dangerous in the wrong hands. Be the right hands. - Sir Koskinen
"Celeste would not be one of mine if she did not have potential for greatness. I applaud her heart, it is a luxury she can afford with her age. But it is only a matter of time before she becomes like me, and that is when she will be truly terrifying." Saharat
Her soul is ablaze with passion, and a willingness to learn. Her inner fire will guide her well." Feng Bai Hu
What a wonderful hostess. Her library is a thing of beauty and her enthusiasm about her home and knowledge is a refreshing thing to behold. - Mary Kilian


  • Celeste was embraced by Pascoal at Meliora's behest, to bring female blood into the lineage.
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Musical Inspiration

"The magic never dies, in children's hearts it lies, pray let them learn from times before- From dragon's flame and ire, can come forth phoenix fire,and we will hear the song once more!"

"Just a little too late the dragon dreams, The goddess rises and she screams: Girl, what are you doing? Your love is a dream Without a setting, and you're forgetting the lesson learned."

"My friend bids me come and see the ravens in the library setting quiet pages free."

"It only takes the tiniest of fires sometimes to light the way you knew was aways there. In the heart of matters, it's the journey keeps us warm, the lights that lead us where we are to go. May you raise your eyes and know with every step: we are not alone."

"Hold my hand, oh baby its a long way down to the bottom of the river.. Hold my hand its a long way down a long way down..."

House Lineage

House Saharat Crest and Motto.jpg
  • Goratrix
    • Therimna
      • Saharat
        • Meliora
          • Áed
            • Lucien Moreau
            • Alexander Valois
              • Alexandra Morgan
              • StephanJones'PC
            • Sebastien Delacroix
              • Wilhelm David Jados-Lang
          • Reouven de Revenel
            • Dante
          • Pascoal Mancio
            • Sarah Celeste Ashwood
            • Asar
              • Sterling
                • Lucas Pope
                  • Lawrence
          • Darchaud
          • Reinhardt Vogel

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