Sarah Fannon

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Sarah Fannon

"Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not."


The Details

Name: Sarah Fannon
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Kinfolk

Matters of Public Record

Sarah Fannon is the daughter of Amelia "Stormweaver" Fannon and the mother of Connor, Mary, William, Alice, and Gordon Fannon. Born in 1949 to Amelia Fannon, Sarah was a disappointment from the moment of her birth when the Baptism by Fire failed to bind the spirit to her. As she grew older her mother kept a watchful eye out for a suitable mate, eventually deciding on Robert McCormick, a Fianna Philodox. Upon their marriage Robert took Sarah's name, and the set themselves to their work. Connor was born shortly therafter, and three more kinfolk children followed him. After dozens of disappointments, Stormweaver had given up on Garou being born to that generation of her line, but in 1980 Sarah gave birth to her fifth child, Gordon Fannon.

The birth of Gordon placed Sarah as her mother's favorite child, and she reveled in the position as well as the attention that the Elder lavished on her son. When the boy's training began she was proud, but eventually became concerned at how hard her mother was working the boy. But every concern was dismissed and explained away. The explanations seemed reasonable enough, but Sarah was uneasy in her acquiescence.

In 1998 Sarah Fannon had a serious falling out with her mother. Nobody knows for sure what they fought over, but the two wouldn't be close for almost fifteen years. To make matters worse, Gordon left for college and would not return for a decade.

The past decade has not been kind to Sarah, when the Caern fell in 2008 she lost her husband, her eldest son, and her arm. After the siege she moved back onto the Fannon farm where she lived with Gordon for three years, until his marriage in 2011. It was shortly after this event that she reconciled with her mother.

Currently Sarah Fannon lives in a cottage on the Fannon farm near Gordon's ranch house. She regularly watches Gordon's two daughters and is fast friends with her daughter in law.

Known Associates

Fallen Friends


  • Back in 2008, Eater of Kinfolk let her get away.
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  • "She lost a lot, but she's doing better these days. She likes to look after the girls, I guess it's a way to remember that life's not all bad." - Gordon Fannon
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OOC Stuff

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