Saul Macrae

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Known Information
Current Name: Saul Macrae
Known Aliases: Solomon Daly, Doyle Sullivan, Saul Daly
Age: Mid-30’s
Occupation: Professional Gambler
Clan: Gangrel
Sire: Unknown
Generation: Ancilla
Position: None
Sect: Anarch
City: San Diego, CA
OOC Information
Player:John Oliver US2002021299
VST: Gabe Fortes
Location:San Diego, CA
True luck consists not
in holding the best
of the cards at the table;
luckiest is
he who knows
just when to rise and go home.
-John Milton Hay

Character Biography

Solomon Doyle, as he was known, came to the United States as an Irish immigrant in the 19th century and moved east as a young man. He arrived in California for the Gold Rush, but instead of trying to sift for placer, he visited the various mining camps and the growing cities of San Francisco, Sacramento and Marysville, learning the trade of a gambler. Near the end of the 1850's, he moved back east, spent a little bit of time gambling on Mississippi riverboats before trade came to a halt with the start of the War Between the States.

By the time the War ended, Solomon was embraced.

He spent some time wandering the cities of the upper Mississippi, learning what he could of himself and Kindred society. He came up with a scheme to gamble for truths, and he gained enough information to ensure his survival. Inevitably in each city he would be run out of town by the Scourge or some other vampire. The reasons were many. He was a Sabbat spy. He violated the Traditions, particularly Domain or Progeny. The fact that he was Irish was reason enough for one Domain. And when he was finally offered membership in the Camarilla, he turned it down due to the hypocrisy of all the others and moved west beyond the Mississippi.

In the early 1870's, he ended up in Vulture City (northwest of modern Phoenix, attracted by the gold and the gambling. There he met Tarak of clan Gangrel. From him, Solomon learned what it meant to be Gangrel and an Anarch. The idea of Libertas appealed to him, so he joined the Movement.

By the end of the decade, Solomon moved on. Between 1880 and the 1920's, he travelled much of the southwest, looking for good games and business opportunities. He ended up in Santa Monica for the 1930's, attracted by the offshore gambling scene of that decade.

Solomon moved south in the 1940's to San Diego, attracted by the Del Mar Race Track. He was here when Jeremy MacNeill was struck down in Los Angeles and the Anarchs ignited into action. He did not participate in hunting down any of the Camarilla. Instead, he kept his peace.

Brother Daybreak rose to power in San Diego in the mid-1950's, and Solomon decided it was time to move on. He moved east to Nevada, traveling between Las Vegas and Reno, taking advantage of the rise of gambling and prosperity in each. By the end of the decade though, he faded from sight.

He was seen again in the late 1980's, calling himself Saul Macrae. He moved through the underground gambling scene and quiet parlor games. However, just as he could be found in his usual haunts, he also involved in stocks, day trading, and hedge funds. When the Anarch Free State fell in Los Angeles in 1998, he fled the state and moved back to Las Vegas. He remained there until the Hunters began to attack en masse in 2001. At that point, he hit the road and kept on the move.

Saul did not settle back down until 2003, choosing Northern California. He kept a low profile, moving every few years.

In 2019, Saul moved back to San Diego and is acclimating to the city and its political climate once again.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Anarchs

Innate Statuses

  • Accepted

Acquaintances, Allies and Enemies

  • Jaime Mendoza, the two have crossed paths many times over the decades.


  • He has a tendency to disappear when the going gets bad. When the Anarchs got thrown out of LA? When the Hunters came down on everyone in 2001? Can anyone really count on the man?
  • He is a Sabbat spy. Yeah, he has Protean, but the man has been known to vanish and he likes cities too much. Some kind of shenanigans is going on here.


  • "Big fan. Saul is no rube." - Mendoza