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The Stories We Tell

The Story of a Deed Name : as written by Caleb Bonecutter


Sept Garou Cubs are often rambunctious and aggressive in their training to become fully fledged members of the Sept. The strongest, quickest, and most cunning often obtain Rank the fastest, and competition is very fierce. While Garou have always been partial to friendly and dogged competition, some Cubs let their newly acquired gifts go to their heads. Practically raised from birth to believe in the purity of their tribe, Silver Fang Cubs are often the cruelest to the others, and will often go out of their way to demean others intentionally in hopes of making themselves known to the Den Mothers and other Sept members. Artemis, barely a new cub in her own right and just getting on her feet within the Nation, was often the subject of ridicule from Silver Fang Cubs without any knowledge.

"Almost Famous" Amos Fannon, a surly and wily Fianna Ragabash, was familiar with the concept of a smear campaign and had endured years of public ridicule from claims about his character, some more true than others. One day, with the cubs in the training arena, Amos Fannon watched carefully to see if he could spot a new protege to take under his wing and inflict his cynical world view onto. Instantly, his eye raced to this agile and fierce Black Fury Cub named Artemis, who fought with strength and cunning, even if she was a bit new to her new forms. While observing her training, Amos' ears picked up the conversation of a group of cubs centered by a larger well known Silver Fang Cub who had recently challenged to gain his Cliath rank. Feeling a bit full of himself, he laughed as Artemis' mentors often got the better of her during those early training sessions and made snide observations and cruel jokes at her expense to the other Cubs that seemed to gravitate to him.

These insults did not dissuade Amos from the truth, that inside this Black Fury beat the heart of a true survivor, one who would fall down into the dirt countless times yet still rise again to meet the challenge. Always one to create opportunities for confrontation, Amos decided to point at Artemis and declare loudly, "Hey Fussy Britches! You should say that to her face!" Artemis, never afraid to face a challenge, stopped in the middle of her training and began to seek out the individual who had the gall to insult her. As she searched the group, her eyes laid on the Silver Fang, who was feeling very entitled at the moment and felt that Artemis posed no real threat to him. Artemis then squared her shoulders at him and loudly yelled, "Yeah Fussy Britches, say it to my FACE!" Enraged at the public insult coming from what he felt was an inferior tribe, the Silver Fang launched himself at Artemis. Artemis smartly dodged to the side, jumped onto the Silver Fang's back, and began pummeling his face into the hard dirt floor of the training arena. During the skirmish, Amos could be heard howling in laughter as Artemis continued her assault on the defenseless cub.

The rest of the cubs could do nothing but stand in awe and horror as their finest and bravest was struck down in the most embarrassing fashion a Garou could fall. The Den Mother quickly separated the two and railed against both of them for their behavior and attacking other members of the Sept. After receiving what she felt was an unfair punishment, Artemis returned to the training area to complete her work. She was always there after the others had left for the day and always arrived before them in the morning; she had a long way to go in her training. As she approached the arena, Amos stood in the center of the ring. He raised his head and looked at her with a wry grin on his face. "Don't ever listen to what those blue bloods say about you. You did good today baby sister. You fought with your head instead of your fist, and that's why you came out on top. You keep that up, I reckon you'll scare the hell out of anyone who stands in your way. Don't ever forget that there ain't no Garou, Fera, or Kinfolk that's more important than the rest. All that matters is we survive to save Gaia. Now if you don't mind, I've got to go tell the Galliards a couple of things. The first is a story about a feisty Black Fury Cub named "Say It To My Face"." Amos began to walk out of the circle towards the Caern Heart. As he turned towards the sunset, Artemis ran forward and called out to him, "Mr. Amos, what was the other thing you were going to tell them?" Amos turned his head and smiled. "Well I gotta tell them about one of our newest Cliaths, some sissy called "Fussy Britches".


  • There is a trigger word that causes her to explode. It starts with a D.
  • A Black Spiral Dancer challenged her to DDR and lost
  • Just for clarifications, it has been told to her. - That Asshole
  • For some reason, Artemis seems to inspire a desire for others to protect her, even as she tries to protect everyone and the Caern


  • "What she often doesn't realize...and probably wouldn't believe me if I said it to her that I'm actually pretty damn proud of her and how she's grown. Sure I miss the adventures of "Mr. Bear," but we all have to grow up sometime. - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
  • "Over the years that fiery girl I once knew has grown into a confident young woman. Hopefully she's not too confident to forget the lessons I taught her, otherwise she'll need some more schoolin'." - Amos Fannon
  • "I'm proud of her she is and who she is still becoming, I'm glad she is my little sister.'." - Paul Lassick
  • "I'm glad she makes my girl happy. I'll be glad to stand by her side." - Jo Trevino
  • "She could stand to be a little more specific with her advice..." - Gordon Fannon
  • "Sweet merciful Gaia, she is her mother's daughter, for good or ill. I wish I could have done more to do right by her, but I'm trying now. Still, that may be a fight we still need to have, good and proper." - "Yiayia" Sofia Giannopoulos
  • "I feel sorry for anything that tries to come between us... and even sorrier for anything trying to stand against us." - Alexis Rangel
  • "Much fire with this one. Nothing burns worse than the ferocity of passion to protect others. Do no harm to the innocent before the eyes of this one or you will burn in righteous fury." - Executioner's Resolve
  • "Your Quote" - Your Name


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Player: Erica Martinez

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Storyteller: MJ Jackson

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Location: San Antonio