Scar Tissue

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Legal Name: Like he cares what the humans call him.
Alias:: Blood of the Full Moon Tribe: Red Talon
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Theurge
Pack: Wyldfire

  • Position: Loremaster

Sept: Gaia's Vengeance


Rank: Athro

Abiding Renown

  • Honor: X
  • Glory: X
  • Wisdom: X


Scar Tissue is a Fostern Red Talon Theurge. His mother was killed mid birth during the destruction of caern in Canada he was found a day later having crawled the rest of the way out of the birth canal. Taken back to caern in the northern territories he was allowed to grow up. His patchy hair and reptilian-like tough skin along with a limitless temper saw him disciplined endlessly. This lead to the discovery of him seemingly never being able to fully heal a scar. When he went through his first change and lashed out at everyone near the caern the Talons decided as was usually custom at the time that he should be killed for being a uncontrollable metis. Another Metis Red Talon, a Fostern Ahroun asked for leniency. And said if Scar Tissue could vanquish him in battle that he, Kills With Spirit, would foster his teachings. As an Ahroun and the fact Scar Tissue was born to the Theurge moon most of the caern laughed it off and agreed. The master of challenges was surprised by the tenacity in the fight of the young cub.

Scar Tissue survived this challenge and rose to the rank of Cliath. It took another two years for him to adjust and understand that he was a theurge. In some ways he still doesn’t get it. He’s capable and prefers communicating with spirits over most other creatures, but often when it comes to battle he sees them as tools that can be discarded or used for the greater good. He’s an incredibly efficient killer, knowing how to use spirits to their greatest advantage however, he’s gain and lost the adren rank twice over the years for disobeying orders and not fully realizing his role as a theurge, garnering him the deed name: “Blood of the Full Moon”. Scars cover almost his entire body at this point, tufts of hair sticking out between them. Sometimes under the Full Moon his scars will seemingly emanate a blood red glow.





Patchy fur, large areas of scar tissue that glow red under the full moon.





Meat to be Wasted




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  • If he'd just stop eatin the fire, he'd stop glowing so much.

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Player: Jason Herman
VST: Rachel S.
Domain: PA-001-D
DC: Jaclyn T.

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