Scent on the Horizon

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Scent on the Horizon

Notable Traits: Heavily scarred, some white colorations in his snout and fur.

Pack: Wyld Hunt

Camp: Lodge of the Predator Kings

Faction: Sanctum of Gaia



Scent on the Horizon is an old, scarred Elder Lupus Red Talon who has been around long enough to not be confused by human activities. Unlike many Red Talons, he travelled regularly in search of new truths and new experiences, and was involved in helping the Rokea gain their first shard seed. As a former packmate of Thistlechar, he often comes across as particularly calm and reasoned, especially considering the brutality of the rest of his pack. Still there is no doubt that he openly advocates for the culling of humanity down to more "reasonable" levels.



  • He secretly wishes he was a shark, considering all the time he spends near the ocean.
  • He failed his Adren challenge the first time because he couldn't stay in homid form for a whole month.
  • Make up your own!


  • "The Litany exists to tell us where we should not act in instinct. When the Wyrm attacks the sept, instinct says to run, to hide. The Litany says, 'take no action that allows a caern to be violated.' So we go against instinct. This is why there is a provision against eating the flesh of man, but no provision against eating the flesh of wolf. Wolf is not a prey animal. Instinct does not tell us to eat from wolf. But is a prey animal. We do not eat the flesh of man because it is corrupted and wrong, but instinct does not know this. It only knows, 'there is my prey.'"
  • "We are no longer wolf, yes. But you are also no longer man. I do not act like a wolf. You should stop acting like a man."
  • "Some say that the wolf born do not know, do not understand the concept of love or family bonds. However I believe in some ways they feel it more strongly than any homid born do. They are family, they are pack and it is etched in their spirit, and woven in the flesh and bones of their bodies. I have seen it first hand with Scent on the Horizon and the return of his family, and that rare glimpse is proof enough that the wolf born know these feelings. It brings me more joy than I think they know." Denali Deep-Song
  • "My mentor. Perhaps my first friend. I have sought his wisdom many times. I have argued with him over years. We have fought, and bled, and howled together, and I would not have it any other way. I hope to be able to repay him some day for all that he has done for me." Duskcaller

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Player: David Merriam

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Storyteller: Jay Durant

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Location: Sonoma, CA