Scott Tempesh

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Scott "Spooky" Tempesh
Arthur Dreese as "Spooky"

Apocalypse PC

Status: ACTIVE
Player: Arthur Dreese
Character: Scott "Spooky" Tempesh
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glass Walker
Breed: Homid
Pack: Pack 23
Pack Position: Alpha
Sept: None
Position: None

Domain: Grand Designs, Grand Rapids, MI
VST: Michael Prindle

Usual Appearance


6'0", 220 lbs. Long dark-blonde hair that is pulled back neatly into a ponytail. He has a neatly groomed beard and a long chin-beard. Scott is almost always wearing all-black, though his attire can vary from suits, to dress shirts, and slacks. He rarely dresses down, except if for tactical reasons. In addition to his usual attire, Scott is almost never seen without sunglasses on, or gloves on his hands (tactical gloves, or another fabric.) The skin that does show looks a bit off in some way that is hard to put your finger on. However, the cloves cover veined fingers with darkened nails. Under his glasses are yellowed and red-veined eyes set in a darkened orbit. His skin seems malnurished, thin, and pale--all of this is why he keeps himself covered, either with clothing, or facial hair, as much as he can.


At 9'6", Scott's form is much more angular and hallow than you would expect from his human form. His fur is a mixture of dark black and brown accents and areas over a tan and white--the markings only seem to accentuate the areas he would otherwise seem to want to keep covered, with black paws, nose bridge, cheeks, ears, and tail. His claws are very black, and his eyes have a cold piercing gaze that can be off-putting.


As a wolf, Scott's body is almost emaciated, but average size otherwise for a wolf. Those same markings of his crinos form are here as well.

Pack 23 Logo and Glyph for Saint Michael
Pack 23 Duke and Scott
Embroidered pack patch for Team 23


Current Location in West Michigan, visiting the Sept of Ancient Hope Previous Locations England, New York, Georgia, Canada, Southern U.S.


Duke "Hold My Beer" Donovan



In 1970, Brianne Tempesh, a Glass Walker kinfolk was attacked and taken by Lasombra ghouls, and traded as a prize with a Lasombra in New York City. She did not know that she was pregnant with her Glass Walker husband's child when she was ghouled as well. She served her new Vampire lord in his home as his pet.


Scott was born with a darkened taint to his soul from the vampire blood that coursed through his veins before he was even born. His mother gave herself and her skills of ritual magics to the Lasombra lord she served to let her son survive. Scott was kept away from the Vampires as he grew up.


However, his mother's lord wasn't without his own vile interests and one day came to the Tempesh home with demands and anger. Scott, having just turned thirteen, watched as his mother was beaten for not being able to perform the tasks her master had demanded. Scott, in fear for his mother's life, ran to protect Brianne and was thrown across the room and in fury the Lasombra tore into his mother's neck, to drain her blood. It was at this moment that the spirit of the Garou awoke, and much to the Master's surprise, a violent beast of war was upon him. The attacks were so swift that even as the shadows tried to envelop the vampire, the violent wrath of the Garou mixed with that of the child watching his mother be killed proved potent enough to destroy the vampire before he could get away. Scott woke up the next morning surrounded by the bodies of the Master's ghouls, the ashed remains, and the throat-torn corpse of his mother. Free of the Master, but with nowhere else to go, Scott lived on the streets for several days doing what he could to survive. He met up with a few other homeless kids to try to avoid the cops and get by, but one night their group was hold up in an abandoned workshop when several vans pulled up and men came rushing in, grabbing at the children to round them up and put them into the vans. Scott's anger let loose and the blackness of anger and the taste of blood filled his mouth as the kidnappers were torn into. He didn't recall the specifics himself, but this group had been watched by a Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer pack and were surprised to see a lost cub among the children being taken. The fight was short-lived with the other Garou's intervention and Scott was subdued and knocked out before being taken with them to the local Sept.

It was there that Scott was introduced to the life of being a Garou. He spent the next few years training, becoming a Glass Walker himself, but while he felt the calling of the tools of man, it was his mother's magic and the forces beyond the ways of the Garou that intrigued him. Unfortunately, none of the Garou that Scott had gotten to know had any knowledge of these things and instead tried to focus his attention on the typical Glass Walker ways.


It was in 1993 when Scott and his pack were fighting a pack of Black Spiral Dancers among the subterranean trains that he and the others he was with found themselves pulled into a pocket realm of the Umbra. The pack and the Spiral Dancers fought on many occasions in a strange labyrinth of tunnels in this landscape. Over time he lost connections to his packmates as they were lost, or succumbed to the realm until he was alone to wander. It took many tries, many puzzles and clues, but eventually Scott made his way out, only to discover it was 2008 in the real world and the world had changed greatly on many levels.

Scott returned to the Sept to find that it had been destroyed. Scott joined several temporary packs, but in addition to not being trusted for the taint that had seared his soul with the vampire's blood, he also lacked many of the traditional skills of computers and social pull that Glass Walkers were expected to have. Instead, Scott kept poking at the darker corners of the world trying to find an edge to use against The Wyrm in the fight for Gaia.


Then, one day, while following clues to fight a monster down in the Southern States, Scott heard whisperings from spirits of a troubled Garou. Scott sought out the individual and found a suicidal man named Duke Donovan who had been Bitten and sought to free himself of his "demonic possession and affliction of lycanthropy." Trust was not an easy thing to gain, but through tenacity and badgering, he managed to gain some trust from the man and brought him to the nearest Sept he could find.

Without going into great detail, Scott stayed with Duke through most of his Cub-training and upon his Rite of Passage, Scott had seen Duke's interest in fighting the vile creatures of Evil, but knew that if he was going to be useful to the fight for Gaia, he needed a partner who was willing to put up with his strangeness, and Scott had known that from his own past. And so they formed a pack together, taking the protective spirit of Saint Michael as their Totem and carried on.

Scott had missed much of the 90s and 2000s, and so he has had to play catch-up on much of the technology that the Millennials have taken for granted, having left the Material world just as the World Wide Web was opening up to the masses, and returning as smart phones were now in everyone's hands. His interests are still with learning the arcane and magicks. It has kept him out of the loop with his Tribe as he and Duke travel around following clues to hunt down and kill monsters that stalk the shadows, but now that he's returned to the Fight with the rest of the Nation, he's moving full-ahead on being useful to the war, and to his Tribe and taking the crazy Silver Fang Duke Donovan along with him.


Storyteller: Ryan Kaiser • VSS: River City Rage • Domain: Grand DesignsGrand Rapids, MIGreat Lakes