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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Scraps

Pack: No Thru Traffic

Society: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Sept of Shadowed Wisdom

Notable Traits

Homid Form: Clearly one that hasn't quite mastered the more subtle art of fashion, Scraps has a fondness for bright colors and materials that are fun to touch, often layering skirts that she can nest anywhere easily. From socks to jewelry, she seems to embody the meeting point of impulsiveness and joy with no apology. Her long dark hair often sports as least one lock in a twist with which she fiddles.

Crinos Form: Gangly and lithe, her body looks even more awkward at almost 7' tall. She tends to hunch as if instinctively trying to look smaller, but otherwise she is unhindered in the form. Her hair blends with fur down the length of her back, and her tail is prone to twitching while she performs tasks that require complex thinking.

Lupus Form: Like most fancy rats, Scraps bears dark coloring over her head and down the center of her back.

Personality: Scraps isn't one normally spouting the virtues of impulse control. One of the side effects to being born small is she doesn't seem to have much room in her for more than one feeling at a time. Everything is all-encompassing, whether it's preforming a rite or indulging in snacks. She is particularly fond of the later, and it is quickly apparent that bribery of such is a fast path to her heart. Generally curious, she's often one to stick her nose somewhere, only to scamper off erratically if the situation becomes overwhelming. She can normally be found behind one of her packmates, whether hiding from strangers, socially grooming, or begging for treats. Her speech is marked with periods of rushing and pauses, and her thoughts often lacking segue or closure when she feels the matter is settled or something else catches her attention.

Public Timeline

2000 - Specimen 437 is born to rat kinfolk in a Pentex laboratory

2000 - at 5 months of age, is liberated by a Militant Sept (with Glow Bug) and released into the wild

2000 – is drawn to Three Whiskers (NPC) with the horde of liberated rats

2000 - undergoes her First Change and receives the Birthing Plague from Three Whiskers

2000 - 2005 - tasked by Three Whiskers to steal/provide for the nest, and then to follow the Sept that freed her to collect rats liberated by them; starts to travel to the Cyber Realm as she studies the group

2005 - Three Whiskers dies

2005 - 2006 - starts a trek towards the Great Plague in Visalia

2006 - 2010 - spends more time in the Cyber Realm, gradually befriending Glow Bug and attempting to find ways to assist during the Wars.  During that time, she also takes to Trash Burns Brightly and Crazy Turtle

2012 - Meets Caleb St. Claire during Wars on the Material Plane

2012 - No Thru Traffic pack forms





  • ...


Word Parts


She totally said that.

  • "Snacks?" - Important life question.
  • "I'm just sayin'." - Because sometimes human-shaped talk is hard.
  • "He's first man-shaped wolf friend, so he must be the best because Rat chose him to choose me." - Regarding Glow Bug
  • "He's really smart even though he looks like someone that wouldn't be but he's seen things. Like...lots of things. Careful of his snacks though. He's...not overly discerning." - Regarding Trash Burns Brightly
  • "You can't even imagine how good his snacks are. Like if you could snuggle food. With your face. So good." - Regarding Crazy Turtle
  • "He's like...really big. Even bigger than the big ones. Awesome cuddles though." - Regarding Kneels to None
  • "Snacks!" - Best answer.

What'dya say about her?

  • "She is easy to please, if you have snacks, sometimes that includes your exposed body parts...yeah... she's a biter." - Glow Bug
  • "In a pack full of homids, we understand each other. We're both chosen of Rat, though that blessin' mighta taken a bit different form." - Trash Burns Brightly
  • "Scraps? Man what can I say about her. Insert snacks and watch her go. She did her job well, very well. Scarily well. I actually felt sorry for the servers she crashed to get us in. But Glow Bug says she's on our side so I trust her...just not with my laptop." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "If I ever wanted a pet rat, this is it but it has to be her." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "A clever shifter that is hard to miss or forget." - Clickbait Luciano
  • "That's Scraps. Like two S's with crap in the middle." - Various packmates

That's probably true. Maybe. Who knows these things?

  • Scraps feels safer in the Cyber Realm than the material plane.
  • She has pretty severe social anxiety that she seeks to control through repetitive habits.
  • Scraps hates being in Homid form.
  • She's a kleptomaniac.
  • She's a pyromaniac.
  • She's a biter.
  • Could find loving adopting parents...if she likes sharks.


OOC Information

Player: Brandi Dunn

Player Email:

Storyteller: Justin Searles

Storyteller Email:

Location: Los Angeles, CA